Francis Xavier Kanyeihamba!


About two weeks or so ago, I called my grandfather asking about the origins of my mother’s village while inputting data at the passport office. In a hurry, I asked how he was, and promised to call back.

About a week or so, I visited  a project in Bushenyi that I was supervising, and on my way I thought I should give him a call to see how he was doing. For reason unbeknownst, he’d been on my mind all week.

We’d always talked about writing a book about his great life. Like how he was arrested by the Obote 2 government! Like how he had gone to Oxford! Like how he’d worked for the government and much more. Unfortunately, in his old age, writing even though he was good at, he could do no more.

And last week, Thursday, 8:00pm, I got a message saying he’d passed on.

I have a heavy heart for things left unsaid. But I am proud, of the great man he was. I sometimes feel like my passion to write is because of him! I now know that the reason I love to write is because of him! He was a great journalist! Part of the reason he was arrested.

When he was being laid to rest, I was struck by the thought that I’d never see him again, let alone pick his mind on all things, things!

And what I take home from him, is to love, and to love unconditionally. He was a man all about love, for the things he did, for his family and those principles ingrained somewhere in my DNA are the reason I am proud of him!

A toast to the greatest grandfather I ever knew!


Francis Xavier!

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