March 2020

Is this WW3?

Because it sure looks like it!

I’ve never seen something like what is happening now! A global pandemic! Crap!

There’s so much going on that it’s beyond unbelievable! I just felt it important to put a few thoughts down about the situation – things that I can hopefully refer to in the future.

  1. Never in my life did I think I’d experience a world war like crisis! I’ve read, heard and sometimes I’ve presumed what it might be like during war, and I was curiously asked my parents what my parents went through during the war days of Amin, Obote and Museveni and even the stories don’t make sense. But now, now I am worried. I fear for my future. Did my parents fear for theirs? Did they think their families would pass through these trying times? We are facing a global crisis, one that doesn’t even make sense because the numbers don’t make sense. Has breathing ever been this difficult? Has having a common cold ever been this scary? A cough maybe? So many things run through your mind when you cough or someone does it close by! Some how I am just glad the we’ve had a quick step and are able to hopefully nip this in the bud! None the less, I am grateful that my family and I are well. Be safe, wash your hands – well, social distancing and eat well.
  2. Working from home has never been strange to me but being forcefully ‘quarantined’ and having to do it with everyone at home is just total bollocks. I wake up early every morning and start the usual routine before remembering I am stuck here. I used to look forward to weekends but now, everyday feels like one LONG WEEKEND albeit one you must forcefully spend at home.
  3. Now would be a good time to assess my progress through the first quarter of the year but that’s going to be difficult because well, we are stuck at home. Never the less, there’s seems to be a few chinks I need to fix, that I’ve been afraid to do. It calls more to my nature vs nurture vs work life balance. And I do believe I’ve got some solutions. Let’s see how the next few months go by, and hope that I’m able to put into place these self reflective thoughts.
  4. I am hoping that my month – April is the month we find an answer to all that’s going on.

There’s more to reflect upon during this time, and one of the biggest steps is going to be what happens next, after we get through this situation.

Rixos – Sharm El Sheikh

Please google before you read this! I need you to feel and experience what I am feeling!

This has been my home for the last few days, and I dare say, it’s really been amazing! I thought I’d been to places that can blow my mind away but this seemed to be so surreal I’ve felt like I’ve been dreaming since we came.

First, the place is so big you need to be carted from one area to another! From your room to the 7+ restaurants. From your room to the beach! From your room to the reception! This place is self contained! The rooms themselves are self contained! I think this must be a 6 star hotel!

Have you ever felt like there’s soooo much to do and yet so little time? Or maybe wished you couldn’t sleep so as to do everything! I think I just accidentally ticked something of my bucket list!

By the way, it’s an ALL inclusive resort!

Just google what that means please because words honestly fail me!

The first thing they do after checking in is give you a map highlighting the 48 something places you need to know! The 6 pools, 8 restaurants – from Indian, to Brazilian, and Chinese, a little Turkish, some Japanese, Sea food, Italian as well, and the ala carte menu, 4 bars and then the beach! Like I said, there’s so much to do!

Now you might be wondering how we go here? Well, DreamTrips!

We’ve made new friends here as well! Kareem and Oprah, Novella and her daughter! It’s honestly been a fun week!

There’s food everywhere! All kinds of food! I feel like I should say this! There’s all types of drinks! I don’t think one can fully finish all these drinks! Honestly, I am amazed! Some of me wishes my family was here to see all of this!

You should come see this place! Or add it to that list of yours.

The service is top notch! Everyone wants to serve you, and serve you well! Sometimes these places make you question the service delivery back home! There’s those inquisitive people who want to know which part of the world you are from!

This has been an amazing experience!


Day 1

Today started at 00:15 in the morning, rushing out of the house like mad men. We’d spent the Sunday evening at home mostly with family. There’s something about family Sundays that really never gets old.

My wife and I were traveling early in the morning of Monday. We’d talked about this trip from around June last year. It was one of those conversations that went back and forth with no direction in mind. We were selecting a destination for our next get away. This idea and practice had started in 2017 when we were dating.

She’d first suggested Greece, Athens, Santorini and it was a no for me. The logistics and resourcing for the trip was crazy! Nonetheless, that was the first choice location. I had suggested Egypt as an option for one of my go to destinations. Then there was Mauritius as well on the to do list.

This conversation never ended. We would table, discuss, disagree, disperse. Repeat, again. I’ve always wanted to visit the pyramids and when this opportunity came up, I was so ready.

Greece was definitely the choice after a lot of blackmail but the trip we wanted and the available timelines didn’t correlate.

I don’t even remember how we selected Egypt but in the process of looking for trips available within our selected timelines, it looked like the next best thing. We quickly booked the trip and then went to google how to get there! L. O. L! It was madness, from getting a certificate of good conduct to the 1001 things the Embassy asked for. At some point I am glad we’d started the process much earlier than intended. It’s one of those things that helps a lot. Last minute things spoil the trip! They asked for my marriage certificate as well! Jesus!

Like I’ve always shared, checking in helps a lot because it forces the airline to wait for you in case you delay. And please, don’t delay!

When we arrived at Entebbe, it was a walk in the park. First the fear of the process now that everyone is on high alert but it felt like everything was under control!

Flying never gets old! Aha! Anyway, I slept the entire journey! Blacked out! Slept like a baby! Imagine dreaming, in the actual clouds.

When we landed, it was straight for the exit after going through the process over again!


The weather was a shocker! Is sunny cool or cool sunny a thing because that’s what it was! A friend who’d been here about a week or so earlier had warned us to carry jackets and we didn’t believe him until we stepped out of the airport.

The drive to our hotel is surprisingly long! Took us about an hour or so to get there! My wife and I have different things we bring to our travel team! She’s the we need to get exactly what we paid for and I more nothing can stand in the way until we find a way and that comes in handy a lot of the time when we are bargaining or planning.

We had booked for an evening dinner boat cruise along the Nile as an activity and truly we were not disappointed! Traveling while black to many vacation spots is tricky some times! We’ve found ourselves the outcasts most of the time, the long weird stares and whispers! I mean, there’s a time people left the pool when we went in for a swim at some resort but hey…we are in Egypt.

From our hotel to the booked cruise was about 30 minutes plus about another 10 or so for poor directions. We entered this boat and were led to the buffet line with a chef as courteous and awesome as the food he served. He seemed to want to give us two of everything at the buffet! Mustafa was the name. We quickly settled into our dinner before the boat started to move.

This activity is about a two hour all you can eat buffet with lots and lots of entertainment! The dancing was amazing! The pharaohs knew what belly dancing would be to the world because eki narebire eki, tikyabulijo! The dancing like the food was all you can have! We were treated to a series of amazing dances and music! I honestly didn’t know a piano could sound like a guitar, violin and a piano as well.

New places bring create new memories and I can’t wait to make new memories here! The weather is amazing, the people warm and mostly can’t wait for Day 2!

Marriage Chronicles

It’s 23:13

It just occurred to me that it’s been a year or so now, and some things still catch me by surprise – like how I needed to get a handkerchief, and there’s an entire drawer full of them.

On Friday, I had a conversation about what being married is and most times people ask me, “Why did you get married?”. And honestly, I don’t have an immediate answer I can give but my experience tells me otherwise.

The more I interact with people around me, the more I realize some common misunderstandings arising, and no, I am not here to address them. That’s for you to find out when you cross that bridge, or if you ever walk down that aisle.

I am just fascinated though by the misconceptions that keep on coming up like how trapped you are – like a caged animal? Or how can you only have one partner? Or isn’t it boring being with only one person, ALL THE TIME! Hey! Chill!

Life like many other things is a paradox and a complex series of conjecture that either makes sense or doesn’t and why people think it stops when you are married still makes me wonder what really people aspire to! We get married for many reasons and mine – I found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, my paradox, enigma, force marjeur, the fire that lights up the night sky, a friend who makes sense, and sometimes doesn’t but hey, we don’t have the answers to everything now, do we?

Marriage done right is a beautiful thing – depending on your understanding of what right is! Mine is simple – we all need love, the Bible one and not the one all these movies keep on promulgating! It’s handkerchiefs in drawers, and juice in the fridge. Or I thought this might look good on you! Or, yooooo, the funniest thing happened today! Or, babe, can you get me tissue? Or or or!

Truly truly, we all deserve happiness! And I am here to support marriages, and maybe because I am tired of being asked what it’s like because I am still a new student in this institution and I am trying not to miss any class.

Find your happiness. Find your peace.

Happy New Month!