Day 5

8:51 am

White sand beaches!

Thinking back at home, when you go to the beach and the sands are orange or even gray, and then you come here, there is a significant difference!

Day 4

There’s more white old, mostly old people at the resort than black! I think we are about three or four couples.

Just saying!

The fun is limited!

We are going seaing! I know this trip is going to be fun!

I feel like we’ve over eaten! There’s food and snacks served every few hours! But we learnt our lesson! We are pacing ourselves! This is a 42km race we must win!


Day 3 …


Its 5:00pm by the poolside. We are among the only countable black couples or even people staying at the resort. Like your favorite movie scene, when I walked into the pool, everyone gave way like dominos!

The best part though, we are getting the best service. People are polite to us, caring even to ask if we’ve been served better.

This place feels much like home, my future home. An infinity pool overlooking a white sand beach oceanic view with old palm trees and vervet monkeys running around!

I was earlier asked to take a photo with a white lady. I am just hoping it has nothing to do with my skin tone!

Today has been a good day, I honestly don’t want to think about the day’s end!

Day 3

Let me first talk about Day 2 quickly!

We arrived safely in Nairo-bae as people call it. Albeit it was just a stop over before continuing our journey!

We got to our destination point before realizing our luggage had been misplaced!

But, God’s providence has shone and continued to shine. It was delivered in the evening. My wife was freaking out though and like has happened before KQ let us down and then partly delivered.

The hotel is amazing. *Names withheld!*

This is our second baecation! Had one in 2017 and we learnt our lessons. We came prepared, and I think it’s going alright!

Day 3

I’ve just woken up!

I’ll add more onto this later!

Swimming is on the menu!


Day 1

Today, when I woke up, it didn’t dawn on me that I was married! Now, much later in the wee morning hours as I wait to set off for my honeymoon, it’s creeping onto me that I am actually married!

Do I feel any different?

No! Nah!


Yes! Yes I do!

Yesterday was sooooooo much fun! From waking up early to preparing the groomsmen to going to church, and going to some more church, and saying We Do, to the crazy photo shoot and later party! It’s been a great time and was a great day!

Weird thing though, it seems guys had more fun at my party than I did! Like, they balled out for real!

I honestly want reviews for my wedding!

Yesterday, God did it!

1. It shone the entire day! I was worried about the rain and how crazy it would be since our wedding was at the water front! But, it didn’t rain and we had a fantastic day!

2. It feels weird, in a good way, to be wearing a ring, a freaking WEDDIN’ ring! I like it!

3. Friends came through for me! Family came through for me more! I love you guys, and if you read this, I am going to revenge kindly on you guys!

4. It feels good to be called Mr and Mrs!

5. Yeah, I got the ring! Not her, me! I got the ring! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Happy New Year folks!


In summary!

1. I am getting married! I knew this day would one day come, and I am excited for it but some of me thinks this is incredulous! Many times, when I thought I’d get here, I didn’t it imagine it would be like what I’ve experienced in these last few months! Part of me still thinks this is a dream! Most of all, my partner is the best thing that has happened to me! Every morsel of my being just wants to relive this moment over and over again! I am so excited! The organization has been be a journey too!

2. Rethinking your business! This has been a very difficult year, seeing as how it began on a bang! I found that I am still struggling with the human resource aspect! And most of all, everyone has their own selfish interests. But we’ve grown! We’ve learnt and we’ve restarted afresh!

3. Peace of mind is something that takes forever to have or even get! But I’ve mapped my way around it! I’ve followed the steps to get to zen!

4. Christ oh Christ! My faith has been tested, or rather, I’ve tested my faith! I’ve held truth to the Word and many times I have stumbled! But I’ve gotten up again and again!

5. I am thankful everyday for this gift called life! It’s amazing if you think about it!

6. The family is getting bigger! Getting married means more family and my new family is amazing! I have been blessed!

7. I think this year has set precedents for an amazing 2019!

89. It was a Merry Christmas and these happy holidays have been spent planning the forthcoming wedding!

10. Happy new year to you! Yes you, who’s reading this, have a fantastic new year filled with growth, success, joy, happiness and most of all peace!

I am NOT!

I used to be an ‘I am!’ kinda person but over time I’ve learnt what having grace and forgiving oneself is. And I’ve applied it to my life to make myself better for myself, my partner and my family.

The one true perfect person in the entire world is Jesus Christ, and then maybe our parents, and they do fall short sometimes.

Growing up is realizing that our parents struggle too. They struggle to love, they are jealous, get angry too, and can also be broke sometimes. Growing up is realizing that our superhero parents are human too. That the drinking they do is just one of many other coping mechanisms.

I used to be an I am!

The one person who just refuses to do because they’ve either failed or have been hurt before. I used I am as an excuse to NOT be better than I should have been especially in relationships.

Do you ever hear the I am in your relationships too?

I am from this part of the country, we can’t do this. I am this and can’t do that! This even translates to specifics, I do or don’t this. Any time you have the prefix I in a statement made to your partner that involves reciprocation of any kind, chances are that you being selfish.

I’ve learnt to hear the voice behind the I am! And I’ve decided that I am NOT that person.

Who are you?


It’s 01:21 in the am. It’s been a while since I worked this late.

I am listening to Twice – Little Dragons. I love this song. The melody puts in me in a meditative space, where I am able to think outside of my own personal space. It puts me in a place other than mine where I try to resonate with what the world is sharing, what the world is speaking to me.

I remember watching the first season of Revenge and my mind was blown at how good the series was and could be. Unfortunately, I only watched the first season. But I remember picking this song from the series.

Today has been for me one of those where I have a warped perspective of what’s happening around me. Today, things slowed down and I was able to create an impression of what was happening outside of me.

I love music. Music puts me in a very good space. I take time to look for my music. I put in effort. If it’s a particular sound I like, I shall spend the time to get it, even if it means scrolling through thousands of comments on youtube or watching movie credits or even shazaming the song.

I think today is flash back music day! I was at home earlier and watched Oblivion, and the scoring in there was so beautifully done I downloaded the entire album. It is what I’ve been listening to since lunch.

My passion for music exceeds the basic minimum for music fans because I always work to music. And depending on the work or project I am doing, particular music shall do it for me. Music to me creates moments. Moments where I tend to reminisce and commit to memory.

Music is memory.