The Goat that Got Lost


About four nights ago, I returned home from work. One of our many neighbours is a goat herder. So when I parked my car, I saw a kid stranded, and seeing as it was late, I was stranded on what to do! Would I leave the kid till morning or knock at our neighbours this late in the night!

Looking at the kid and the puppy eyes it gave me, I decided to knock at my neigbhour’s gate. No sooner had I walked out of our gate carrying the kid than I heard its mother neighing! The kid almost flew out of my arms. The mother charged at me realizing that it had found its lost baby.

What caught me by surprise was how it was able to identify its child! And the child, its mother. Going by its appearance, it was only but a few weeks old.

I gently placed the kid down and let it run to its mother! Run kid, run!

I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I felt like a shepherd who’d found a lost sheep.

The next night, I returned home at 4:00am from work and found the same kid stranded in our compound – again! Now I was dumbstruck! It was too late to knock at the gate, I just went to bed.

Luckily, I was up by 8:00am heading out and thus picked the kid and rushed to my neighbour’s gate. As soon as I walked in, I looked around to see where the other goats were. Confused, I knocked at my friends door – they live in the same compound, and they directed me to the kraal, located at the back.

No sooner had I stepped into the kraal than the mother neighed! It seemed to sense it’s lost kid. Exciting, right!

Anyway, end of my story!

These are the little things that bring joy, these random escapades! And yes, in Kampala, there are goat herders!

Anyway, just saw the mother -kid duo trod past me. I hope she remembers, or not.


Martyrs’ Day

Today is June 3rd!

We celebrate those who sacrificed their lives for what they believe in!

And, well, it’s got me thinking. Not the reflecting kind of thinking but, thinking!

Looking at these many religions and faith, how is it that there are different gods but just ONE devil? Somebody shared this with me sometime ago and I was amused just pondering on it.

The Ugandan Martyrs who died over 100 years ago died for what they believed in, so what about you? I was watching this is Nigeria, a satirical version of this is America which ideally addresses the issues Nigeria is facing. And in both videos, the artistes are sharing their beliefs in what is happening and trying to bring to our attention the elements that need to change!

When the Martyrs stood for what they believed in, they were castigated, and hated for trying to share their truths.

Faith for me is something that I’ve been pondering about! And I ask, all these denominations seeking the same God, sharing similar principles, why then do you fight against each other? How do you call for brotherly love and still fight against each other in the name of your religion being better?

Looking back home and seeing what’s going on and seeing, can I make a this is Uganda video? What would be in it? And if they are things I believe in, would I be willing to die for them?

Christ died for what HE believed and he set a precedence for what would become the church and yet here I am, calling out other churches…

These are just reflections this day

On Parenting

Guys, would you want to have a child like you? Do you believe you’d be an awesome parent if you had a child like you?

This post is sponsored by me; in a moment of reflection, I’ve asked and tasked myself, would I be a parent to me? A good parent like mine have been. Patient and understanding like they have been. Empowering and difficult like they have been!

To better understand what I am writing about, I am getting married to the most amazing person. Like for real for real! She’s so dope that nothing, and I say nothing can stop me from doing anything for her. But that’s besides the point. We’ve recently been talking about children, how many and nebigenderako to mention but a few.

Children are a gift from God and like a gift, it’s an amazing thing.

But am I gift to my parents?

Me as me, nze nga nze, I find myself difficult! My parents used to call him mawire pronounced as ma from mother and wire as in electric wire! I used to snap faster than a shot was fired. I remember fighting with the entire family, and I mean, ENTIRE family because my young brother changed a the channel on TV while I was watching! Woooow! Still surprises me!

At that moment, I was ashamed. Was it worth it? What did my parents think about me? Would I want a child as difficult as I was?

See how I referred to myself in the past persona?

I’ve renewed my mind since then. I’ve grown. I’ve reflected on my identity! I used to be difficult, stubborn, big headed, crazy, spontaneous and irrational, but I’ve come out of that space and season much better. There’s a humility I try to wear, hoping to be better and influence people around me for the better.

I can’t wait to have a child(ren) and hopefully mentor, guide and strengthen them to be wise, better and humble. And I don’t believe I can do this alone *wink wink, but with my partner and Christ as the foundation!

So, would you want a child like you?

Your Heart

When I was younger, I don’t think I was aware of much of what was happening around me. Back in Primary School, in St Savio, I had a friend called Jonathan with whom I run my mischief! I remember ‘stealing’ buns whilst he was on the look out for any passers by back in Primary 4.

My first experience with Christ or being told about Him was also in St Savio. We had an old boy of the school who came by in Primary 4 encouraging us to become saved. Jonathan was quick to pick up on the idea, and he gave his life to Christ. Seeing that he had, and he was my best friend, I also decided to give my life to Christ.

Well, it didn’t last long because we were back to stealing buns and just being mischievous around school. The concept of being saved sounded new and weird. We had to repeat, if remember well, that we’ve accepted Christ as our personal savior and redeemer, and after we were prayed for. Being in a staunch Catholic boarding primary school, I felt like I was betraying my people.

Much later in High School, there was a craze. A savedee craze! Everyone was getting saved and listening to Christian music and discarding their black jeans because they were from the devil. Everything we did was unclean and was a sin. From how we dressed, to what we listened to. I mean, 50 Cent’s In Da Club was making waves on the radio and suddenly it was unholy to listen to music. Well, my experience otherwise had showed me otherwise. I was not about that saved life!

That saved life back in high school was a strict nonsensical lifestyle! You either were saved or going to hell! I remember how we used to judge these saved people, wondering when they’d slip and fall. It was a crazy time. I still can’t believe some friends of mine turned down Sosh because they were saved.

Being saved has always been a stingy affair. What’s crazy is that if you are catholic or Anglican, you can’t be saved, or so I thought. I always believed myself a religious man, staunch catholic, said my rosary and could recite the creed like I was singing.

Like many families, ours is also susceptible to juju! And a few years ago, stories surfaced about members within the family practicing juju. Our home run amok with accusations and finger pointing. It was like a need for spiritual rejuvenation was required for the entire house hold. During that time, our home was filled with holy water, burning essence and abashabirizi (prayer specialists, juju extinguishers, foreseers and all these things)! And every time they came over, there was revelation upon revelation which led to finger pointing. A unity that was once held by silver strings was now snapped and with anger flaring, families broke up and banded into smaller families. Like war, they were casualties. My grandfather fell sick, to mention but a few.

With this in tow, I embarked on a spiritual journey. I needed to find this God everyone spoke of, one so mysterious He couldn’t reach out to me. Why were things falling apart? Pun intended. I started praying with a purpose of finding Him.

I then met Fr Raymond. Exceptional, brilliant, honest, open minded and supercool! When I met him, I had lots of questions but most of all, I needed answers. Like the lost sheep, I was looking for the Shepherd. And we started to talk and this opened new doors for me, and a realization that He was always in me.

Your Heart

These hands will wipe the tears for those who cry to you at night

And these feet will walk the miles to the place of those broken-hearted

And my voice will cry out for those who cry out for you

I’ll be your heart to the ones I meet

I’ll show love to the least of these

I would have never known if you didn’t first love me

I’ve learned to love when I’m your hands and feet

I’ve learned to love when I’m your hands and feet

I’ve learned to love Ill be your hands and feet

These eyes will see the hurt of those who suffer silently

And this mind will be like yours and believe what you called us to be

Unselfish, unchanging, unfailing love

I’ll be your heart to the ones I meet

I’ll show love to the least of these

I would have never known if u didn’t first love me

I’ve learned to love when I’m your hands and feet

I’ve learned to love Ill be your hands and feet

Listening to this song reminds me of the moment I found Christ. It reminds me of the moment I gave my life to Christ and started this journey. Now, I am very much aware of what having Him walk side by side with you feels like.


I believe I have spoken (written 🤦🏾‍♂️) about healing before on here. Today, I want to share about being healed.

To find and have Christ is to have life, and without him, death.

My healing and growth journey mostly begun when; I committed my life, purposefully set out to have Christ and continually renewed my mind with him every day. There’s so much joy and happiness in the Bible. In fact I call it my life hack.

Anyway, being healed means that you’ve purposefully set out to start a healing journey. And being healed in this case I am referring to emotional and spiritual healing.

I find that to date someone, and to commit to your relationship with them requires healing, and I am also going to infer to my relationship with my fiancée.

So, you know how this is a small world? Like how you date someone and find out you know their ex-es and they know yours and some might have been and are your friends? Mehn, I know. Small world innit! Anyway, I do know a few of hers and she does know mine! And the reason they are ex-es is for one or many reasons, we were hurt (well, we are victims) and in my partner’s eyes they don’t come off as angels. I mean, we tend to hate our partner’s ex because they hurt the now most precious thing in our life. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve said positive things about some of my ex-es. And this baggage if not properly dealt with becomes a burden to the new relationship and MUST be dealt with.

And so the need to be healed. (I don’t think I come off as an angel in my ex-es and damn that paragraph was as long and Jesus 💆🏾‍♂️)

Anyway, healing is a process, and usually our partners are buffers and help us to cathart. Some pain needs for you to continuously reassure your partner, help them heal, listen to them and most of all, LOVE them. Love the pain away. Love the hate and dislike away. Love the inadequacy away. Love them into growth. Love them into their identity. Love them like God, our Father has taught us to love.

When I look at my partner, I don’t just see Proverbs 31, but I understand 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 where verse 8 says; Love Never Fails! I preempt Psalms 23:1-6. People talk about Ephesians 5:20 but I know from 20-28. And most of all, to get her I am reminded of Matthew 7:7-8. Like I said earlier, the Bible is my life hack.

Anyway, some few months ago, just sharing about our growth emotionally we finally realized that we are not shaped by our past. It can influence our present situation but that IS a CHOICE we make. We choose to either let it make us or break us, to define us or not. And just reflecting on the pain we once had, we realized that we were healed, and the resentment, pain and all the negative emotions didn’t matter. That what mattered most NOW was my partner.

Now that’s something, isn’t it. What is important when you get healed is not your past but your present, and that’s all.

And we talked about our future, our dreams, and desires.

It’s a journey! Please, these things are easier written than done. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, and mehn oh mehn, the pictures I’ve painted of my ex-es, aha (😂😵)! And as I embellish on here, I am glad I reached out and apologized. And relationships are not rational, guys. Like the royco, kanzali n’ebigenderako we add when we talk about the devil incarnate 😂😂😂😂😂! Like ask my fiancée and see.

Anyway, I am just here to share. And in my sharing, I hope my experiences willhelp you heal!


I’d thought of a wonky blog title but meh, I am in an awesome space.

Anyway, my days as a bachelor are numbered and I thought I’d demystify some crazy things and just share with you a few weird things – mostly false that most bachelors go through!

This post is sponsored by mothers union, sorry, Marriage Prep Course!

1. You can have all the sex in your own pad! Ngweeee! Really!? Abego? You can barely afford a comfortable meal every day and you are claiming you can have the sex! How? Maybe alone 😂! I can honestly barely count the number of hours I spend at my place lest with people there! I mean, you work, hustle, go about trying to survive and so, the sex is probably the last thing on your mind! Honestly!

2. You have the best time of your life! I mean, every time someone finds out I live by myself, the first thing that comes to mind is that I am having the time of my life! Dude, I barely have what to eat a day! It’s a decision between paying for electricity, or water or having a meal! You need to have Mama Nasomething who does local food at 3k to show you a sign – pun intended, if you just want to eat. Of which food you sometimes get on credit hoping to pay at the end of the month when you hopefully get paid!

3. You have time to watch all the series! Guys! Guys! Guys! Honestly, what new series are showing? The last season of many interesting series I watched this year aired so many years ago. I sometimes get surprised when there’s a season 5 or 7 when I am just on 2. So, NO, we don’t have time to watch series and feed ourselves. Do you know how much food you need to watch a marathon of series. Guys, what series are trending right now?!

4. You can sleep any time you want! Well, duh, you can. But so can you back at your father’s house. In fact, if you are busy as the days get, you might just never lay in your bed. I for one spend half my nights on my computer trying to get some work done because other than having my own place, I have to worry about the 8 hours in my day that I try to actually work. And pshhh, do you know how many times you have to snooze the alarm? I’d rather my parents woke me up! Oh, that’s one of the reasons I left home!

5. You have no curfew! Looooooooool! Dude! We are not nocturnal guys. I sometimes think guys think we get back home at midnight every night! Do you know how much energy it takes to come back home at midnight everyday? Mehn, gerraahere mehn!

As I close this chapter, I won’t lie to you. I once thought that having my own place would have its quirks but there’s this word called RESPONSIBILITY which seems to dissolve as soon as you leave your parents’ home. It rears its head every time you wake up, and being by yourself, it’s twice as hard on you. I mean, who can you blame? Life doesn’t have time for you! And so you have to live!

I still love some of the delusions people have of being independent. It’s a good thing though because your parents stop baby sitting you at 18!

A Father’s Words

Today, I talked to my father for the first time in a very long time.

The older we grow, the less time we have for our parents as we delve into our unique identities as new people. I mean, I now believe I am my own man and can decide for myself but today, I sought out my father’s advice.

My old man has always been a man of few ones, a man whose words are shown in his actions and so talking to him felt like a hard decision.

I decided to look him up on short notice, and on agreeing to see me, I rushed to where he was. I am joining a new institution, one as old as the entire human race and getting myself a wife. Yeah! And the truth is, until I decided to did it, I didn’t for one think it was as hard as I’ve come to realize.

There’s so much we take for granted when you are still dating that you are forced to learn and relearn when you take the next step: your identity, culture, religion and lifestyle all affect and influence your marriage. And those are lessons I am having now. It is rather exciting rediscovering some of these things.

Anyway, I finally get to my dad, sit him down and talk. And he spoke like the wise man he’s always been. I’ve always wondered why I was this smart and I can officially confirm that I got it from my papa!

A man of few words spoke words that pictures could not contain. And he gave and washed me with his wisdom and reaffirmed my beliefs. And I am sure glad I spoke with him because it felt like I was a child again, and all my problems were being solved by him.

I won’t go into whatever he said but I am sure glad I sought him out. I think the advantage we usually take for granted is the advice our parents give us. As we grow older, we usually find ourselves in positions where we are disagreeing with our parents simply because we now can make sense of the truth, we see it and have partly lived it! But, they’ve lived it longer.

We are a piece of them, and surely, it’s a good feeling being a child again, and not a grown up with responsibilities!

I am glad I can use the adage like father, like son.