The soul is an interesting thing! Is it even real? Tangible? Or an imagination of the mind?

For long now I’ve heard people talk about soul mates and that life’s true purpose is to find your soul mate – and then someone made a joke. “Make sure your soulmate is not someone’s husband!”

They say the soul is where true emotion resides, living and basking in the heart of man – from where we express and feel, share and link our heart’s true desires.

The gut perhaps!

Human relations truly are interesting.

I don’t know about soul mates but I can understand what one’s heart desires are. If the soul is the centre of man, is there anyone who can truly fill this abyss? Is there anyone out there who can match and meet our every expectation, thought, being and feeling 100%? I don’t know.

I once truly believed in soulmates till the one I thought was is now happily married and living their best lives, and so am I.

I think we are always looking for connections with the belief that the abyss truly can be filled but that means we are broken and incomplete, empty and devouring. Maybe it is a figment of our imagination that the prince or princess charming is out there looking or waiting to be found. Looking for a spark to ignite the fire with in, the sensual pleasure from an eye connection, a smile that tells the entire story, and time that stands still.

Well, good luck with that.

We are complete, with or without people, or soulmates, we are complete. And if the abyss that is human emotion is as diverse as a 1000 suns, then which ONE individual can burn the daylight or moonlight into the fickle human that we are!

Which one individual can complete the 6 senses that you are?

A man is a Spirit with a soul in the body!

Go figure.



He burst out laughing at how outrageous this notion was! What notion?

Is it really ever a ‘Good morning?’

The actual title of this post is ‘Living on the other side of happy!’

I think we many times take our happiness for granted! My new sole purpose is to do things and feel things that make me happy, and make sure those around me are happy! I mean, I quit getting drunk because the hangover was just un-fucking-happiness overload!

So, what are you doing to protect your happy?

I am keeping it simple! My life recently has been as series of happy actions and thoughts and I intend to make it continue and last that way. These days when I feel something is about to upset me, I just stop and question why it is or why it shouldn’t make me unhappy! It is not an easy formula to follow but it works for me.

What makes you happy should always be at the centre of your existence. Don’t allow entanglements to get in the way of your happiness! Make a list of what makes you happy – daily, and focus on that. I sound like an old beaten drum regurgitating some self help nonsense but these things honestly work if you give it some little bit of attention.

I’ve heard the phrase protect your energy but energy itself is always in motion so how can you protect something that is always moving? I could talk about mindsets all day but that’s another topic for another day – badum tis – if you get what I just said.

I think protecting something means you first keep it from harm, and then create environments where it can thrive and that’s what you can do to have the peace of mind you have always desired. It takes a lot to get me riled up because most times what people bring to the table is what they are manifesting internally and I am not about that crap! I’ll cut it – badum tis – again!

New months, new weeks, and every new day is about hope, faith and light and that’s what you should be chasing this August – I’ll seen ya! Hahahaha!

I am so funny!

Enjoy August! Ya-dig!



I think I can now embark on a new chapter or rather phase in my life!

SO much has been going on lately that it feels like there’s no time to stop and think, reflect, adjust to what’s happening around us!

As I’ve grown older, life has seemed to mellow and slow down. There’s urges I no longer have and mindsets that I am not about to deal with. This morning when I opened the fridge, I stared at the bottle of beer I had been promising myself to drink for the last couple weeks that I am starting to think it has gone stale.

I also want some COVId money. How is it that the government has borrowed over UGX 6,000,000,000,000/- (Don’t even try to convert it) and I have barely tasted a shilling? Even that posho and beans that was promised still hasn’t come through. It’s disingenuous to believe that people still have what to eat 4 months after the lock down!  It’s irritating how the government is inconsistent in what they are supposed to do except break their own rules and enjoy corruption.

What’s going to be my life’s story going forward?

I don’t know, I’d love to see another 400 blog posts over the next couple of years as we waddle in these murky waters of survival. Maybe I too will get that government job and start getting allowances for pretty much doing nothing! That UG something alphabet car won’t be bad either! I could build a home on the backs and lives of the people I am supposed to support! Steal a couple of votes – it only costs a few kilos of sugar, salt and soap. Maybe help a few people by getting them jobs, as long as they are my family. I don’t know.

*Takes a pause to reflect*

Maybe some fights are not worth having. Is the world truly fair? How can I create a world that my child can comfortably grow in? To live or not to live is the new question. 401, it’s time to find our happiness!

Happy new month,

And Happy Birthday to my baby brother.

Strength and honour!



Resolutions 2020!

Too early?

I guess!

I’ve been pondering on a lot recently. There’s millions of thoughts that course through the mind that many times leave me boggled. Like how I am able to simultaneous type this out while thinking and composing this article at the same time. This is beyond physics, and is now into the realm of metaphysics. Sometimes these actions seem so simple and yet are very complex.

I think the thought behind the machinations of the mind is what makes it complex.

I had stopped writing down resolutions at the beginning of this year. Maybe it was mostly because I was held up doing other great things, or maybe simply because I’ve written down my resolutions since 2014/15 and have failed continually that I stopped writing them! But, that’s not the case.

Yesterday, while reading through some material, I landed on a document called RESOLUTIONS 2015! Just the file naming made it look serious. I opened it only to find resolutions I’d been writing down and modifying till the beginning of this year.

I laughed at how ridiculous some of these resolutions were. I even mused at what I was thinking about when I came up with them. None the less, further scheming made me realize that I’d achieved a great number of them albeit not in the timelines originally set. It got me reflecting on how powerful the mind and will can be if you put pen to paper.

One such resolution was to move our of home in 2015, and here I am in 2019, with 4 years experience in rent paying! Hahaha! The mere thought sounded ridiculous then and yet here I am wondering at how that could be a resolution. What your mind decides, it creates. I now understand why it’s important to shoot for the stars because when you are on the moon, you’d be much closer to your goals.

Sometimes we get caught up in the journey and process we forget that we are achieving our goals.

It’s like how successful or rich people somehow forget the struggle of the come up and are quick to shout things like sacrifice, hard work and determination were the keys. The forget the hope, patience and will needed to achieve these things.

So, after ticking many of the resolutions, I decided to add some, and make them as ridiculous and insurmountable as possible, such that in 2022, when I randomly look back and I am a billionaire, yes – a billionaire, I can gladly laugh and talk about the sacrifice, hard work and determination you need to become one, and skip through the hope, patience, faith and will.

To 2020 Resolutions.

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Usbahle – Mlindo the Vocalist

6 Months!

Life has moved on so fast you’d think that nothing big happened at the beginning of the year. We have settled into a rhythm that you’d think everything is as it’s supposed to be. Well, a few days ago, we marked six months into our marriage. I’ve never been one to keep dates or even make them a big thing but when you wake up next to someone everyday, and it’s going to be like this for the rest of your life, why not count, right?

My friends the other day were complaining about how newly married couples are quick to dish out marriage advice like they are the masters of this game. I mused because there’s some truth to that, well, not on my part. It’s like how new mothers are quick to share their life changing experiences like they’ve done it more than once before, uhm!

I am not, and I hope I don’t become those people. I’ve decided to take on this journey like those spontaneous trips you take with a group of friends which I know always turn out to be the best trips of your life. I know this is going to be the best trip of my life! It had better be.

So a couple I know recently got married and were sharing tips on how to make a marriage work, saving tips for weddings, nooks for the honeymoon and so much yet I’ve either forgotten mine or perhaps that’s not an experience I am willing to go through again. Honestly, it would feel a lot like repeating a class or getting a retake. All I know is, as long as your partner – best friend and you are on the same page, the rest is just deliberations. And more deliberations.


Six months feels like the journey has just started. There’s been lot’s of experiences, some which catch you off guard like being told you snore or realizing your partner sleeps like a cute kitten while you splay your legs all over the bed like you are doing exercise. Or like your friends calling you fat because they believe your wife is feeding you well. Yes, jealous much? And no, I am not that fat but I look good. Or having someone pick out your clothes, and combing your hair because you can’t get your sideburns neat enough!

I am starting to sound like those people I hate! Aha!

What’s there to celebrate in six months? Well, I’ve finally accepted that there’s someone whose opinion matters more than mine does! Facts! Here’s a toast to the next 60 months, then 600 months! 6000 months? Well, let the story begin!

Day 10…

Back home!

Sorry, got so caught because today’s

Day 12!

I thought I had stuff but she has stuff stuff! I could probably fit my belongings in a suit case or two but well, she brought home 5! I think she needs an extra room for just her clothes and more.

Home is home! We’ve quickly settled in. We are figuring it out! I think the question that’s on both our minds is how do you move from dating and being in a normal relationship to being married?

We are re-learning and re-quainting ourselves with our new roles as husband and wife! Physically and emotionally, nothing has changed but mentally, things are ticking! I mean, we are both wearing rings! I sometimes catch myself staring at my ring finger, musing at how things have changed and yet are truly the same!

Light and love



Day 1

Today, when I woke up, it didn’t dawn on me that I was married! Now, much later in the wee morning hours as I wait to set off for my honeymoon, it’s creeping onto me that I am actually married!

Do I feel any different?

No! Nah!


Yes! Yes I do!

Yesterday was sooooooo much fun! From waking up early to preparing the groomsmen to going to church, and going to some more church, and saying We Do, to the crazy photo shoot and later party! It’s been a great time and was a great day!

Weird thing though, it seems guys had more fun at my party than I did! Like, they balled out for real!

I honestly want reviews for my wedding!

Yesterday, God did it!

1. It shone the entire day! I was worried about the rain and how crazy it would be since our wedding was at the water front! But, it didn’t rain and we had a fantastic day!

2. It feels weird, in a good way, to be wearing a ring, a freaking WEDDIN’ ring! I like it!

3. Friends came through for me! Family came through for me more! I love you guys, and if you read this, I am going to revenge kindly on you guys!

4. It feels good to be called Mr and Mrs!

5. Yeah, I got the ring! Not her, me! I got the ring! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Happy New Year folks!


In lieu of the recent stories about harassment that have come out, and the campaigns Men are Trash and Me Too, it’s brought home some very crucial thoughts.

Because I was, allows me to become what I am.

I am not a saint. I’ve done some very unquestionably stupid things. And no, not heinous but very stupid.

Society has a warped sense of what dating is these days. A society that claims men have to chase, and even if the woman says no, you have to chase even harder and many times aggressively is what seems as the norm these days. And I was of the same mind-set then but now, I see light.

When I see men get offended by these two campaigns, I honestly feel saddened by the fact that they are missing the points. The argument isn’t even against them, it’s for them.

The conversation shouldn’t be centered around the women in your life but all the women. Do WE have to wait for shit to happen to those closest to us for us to actually feel the need to act? I hate to imagine that that’s the case, and it shouldn’t!

We don’t have to see the light for us to believe that there’s light. We don’t have to experience hurt for us to believe there’s hurt out there. We need to be the light. We have to be the light. And no, I don’t speak to men but women alike. We need to go out and be the light.

I read stories of hurt out there and are saddened by how inhumane we can actually get, can actually be.

Before you speak, think about what you are going to say and the impact it is going to have. When the story of the MP who was stalked and harassed came to light, I was apprehensive. The story was painted in such a way that I’d almost sided against her! He’s young! He’s just expressing his love! He should be allowed to! He actually didn’t get physical were some of the very many disgusting things people were saying. Our social conditioning is so BAD we are quick to believe what the media says.

There’s many people who’ve been hurt out there. I once felt powerless too. Emotional pain is not something you can overcome. So be the light. Take a step back. Try and wear those shoes, and see if you are truly capable of having that opinion. We don’t have to wait for tomorrow to be a light, a beacon of hope. Reach out to those who you feel need help. Reach out to those who you believe you’ve hurt. It goes a long way to know that someone feels differently about a situation you’ve been through, or are going through.

I am a light.

Be light.