When two geniuses combine, you get something of the likes of Interstellar. Yes, I am talking about the movie. I am a big Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer buff and when the two combine, it’s beyond magic. I always like to look for the inspiration behind a movie, and how it came to be. It’s not just the pictures and the sound, but the story behind the making, the story behind it.

So, as I was googling and going on about the inspiration – Jonathan, Christopher’s younger brother thought about this idea of space exploration based on a scientist’s musings and decided to share this idea with Chris. The way they work is they both go and brainstorm on the idea and its complexities before writing a script. The same was done for Inception and the Batman Trilogy as well. Jonathan does confess however that Chris’ thought process is a lot deeper and scarier – if you’ve watched The Prestige, you should know. Anyway, Interstellar was born from the genius of these two brothers.

But that’s not all.

For Interstellar, Chris approached Hans Zimmer with a basic idea and told him to come up with a soundtrack for Interstellar without any preconceived notions of what the movie is about. In fact, he just hinted that the movie is about the relationship between a father and a son…which if you’ve watched is about a father and a daughter. None the less, Hans sits down and comes up with these amazing compositions.

Honestly, watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack, it does feel like you are experiencing something other worldly. It’s genius. I hesitated to watch the movie when it was released mostly because of the new cast. If you know Chris, the cast rarely changes and the actors pretty much are the same movie in, movie out. And when I finally sat down for close to three hours, my mind was blown.

I was dumb founded at how someone could put to screen such an idea. Let’s not even go into the physics of the movie, the time aspect and relationships between the time space continuum.

Anyway, just check out this link

Mind. Blown.


8 Years

8 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 8 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
It’s been a great 8 years and I dare say that my writing and the Thought Process has grown and improved. So here’s to many more.

Beasts of No Nation


The child soldiers cheer on after the rocket launcher.

“See that. That is magic. Hunh. We are going to take that bridge. We are going to take that bridge. Hunh! Formation! That bridge we are taking it.”


“Better look me in the eyes mada fucker. Who wants to fight? Unha! I am only taking de brave. I am not taking the scary. I am not taking no girls. Are you ready to fight?”




“You want to take that bridge?”


“We are gonna take that fuckin bridge!”


“Ibenda ke!”

“Tagalakyuma yo!”

“Ibenda ke?”

“Tagalakyuma yo!”

HAVE YOU WATCHED BEASTS OF NO NATION? Have you? Or have you read the book with also the same title? Or have you listened to the album by Fela Kuti also with the same title? The book which gets its title from the music album by Fela Kuti now has a movie adaption that for once in my life, I counted the 2 hours and 10 minutes of mind boggleness that is this story. Last evening, at around 10:00pm when I got home, I decided to watch the movie. A friend of mine had earlier told me how himself and a couple of others decided to sit and watch it, and for the same amount of time, they couldn’t believe what they’d just watched. I don’t know what exactly inspired the author but this is one deep story talking about the plight of child soldiers in Africa and around the world. 

This excerpt is from one of my favourite scenes in the movie. I have watched this scene over and over again and can’t seem to get it out of my head. The actors are brilliant and Idris Elba does a magnificent job in this movie.

This movie brought out what I am most afraid of…the pulpable excitement I get when I watch or come across something very inspiring. I felt that I could write a 20,000 word masters thesis after watching this movie. As soon as I was done, I was on the internet doing background research on the actors, the directors, the scoring, the Internet ratings, the YouTube reviews, the everything and anything about this movie. The director’s take on the story…and before I forget, Abraham Attah’s magnificent role. Dude totally killed it. 

I literally played the soundtrack on my player the whole day today and as I write this, I am watching this very scene. If you haven’t watched it, WATCH IT. Or read it. Read the book. In one of the interviews, the director and author share their perspectives and one thing’s for sure, the darkness in the book is not fully brought out in the movie. They dumbed it down to allow for ease of view for the audiences around the world. They even talked about the gay scene not included in the movie. Why? Around the time of the final editing, Uganda’s debate on the LGBT community was on going and they didn’t want to exacerbate the situation.

It is a touching story. I feel like I don’t do it justice but maybe encouraging you to read the book or watch the movie is the best I can do. Truth is, this is among the best, if not the BEST movie I’ve watched In a while. There’s very few movies that make you want to cry, and this I do say made me shed a tear. I felt this story told a side to a tale very few can relate with. I felt too that I was a child soldier going through the emotions. I felt that Agu reminded me of a place I never wanted to be but I wished I too could experience what he experienced.

Am I writing too much?

This movie has moments. Moments where you stop and pause the movie, kneel down and say a prayer. Moments where you think back to 15 or so years ago when the LRA abducted countless children in Northern Uganda and used them as soldiers. Moments where you pause and smile. Pause and cry. Pause and rewind. Pause and gasp. Pause and dance. Moments where you fire your imaginary pistol finger guns. Moments where you chant, and scream.

I honestly don’t want to stop writing but let me do for now. Let me rewind and watch the commandant Idris Elba psyche the child soldiers. 

Interesting fact. The story was picked up in 2006, shot in Ghana in 2013 and released just a month ago. This movie is like a fine bottle of wine.

Kingsman, The Secret Service

It is a beautiful movie. Very amazing in 3D I guess. I wouldn’t know because I watched it in 2D. At the end of the movie, there’s a tribute to the producer’s mother for making him a Kingsman, a gentleman.

I am no gentleman. Don’t get me wrong. I too have many short comings, but at least, I try to come off as one.

We leave in a deluded world, one that barely distinguishes right from wrong, and it keeps on getting more and more complicated when you relate and interact with people. I’ve recently come to believe that I am a push over. Maybe because I hate to fuss about some things, maybe because I believe I can take care of myself, but well, someone called me a sissy because all I did was to refuse to say no. Isn’t that what ladies want? A guy to say yes to their every whim? I don’t know. Isn’t that how it works?

In a series of events that rather left me a little emotionally emptied and frustrated, I’ve decided to put myself first. To put my well being first. The challenge albeit is when you trust and treat someone right, and hope that they too can do the same for you, but many a times, people put themselves first, something I have just most recently realized.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying be a douche. I am saying, be a kingsman, or whatever that means, for the greater good but also worry about your well being. For if you don’t, you come second to decisions people make for themselves, while they put their well being first. So, say no. Let those who need you come to you. Don’t be a pushover, the one everyone takes their problems to for you might end up like I was, drained, defunct and not even a smidge left for your own well being.

Never be too desperate for some shit. Never change for some shit.

7 Years

Final Project
Final Project

So I randomly checked my wordpress today only to find that it is my 7th year anniversary since I opened this blog. I am beyond ecstatic that I have managed to come this far. And we all know what 7 implies, only good things are yet to happen or are in the process of happening.

That above post is my final project. It’s been close to 2 years since I presented that and after 2 failed jobs, I decided to rather employ myself. Obliviously this has been met with angst and frustration, which is acceptable from my old folk. They’ve worked all their lives and see no reason as to why I should employ myself yet I can be employed all in the name of having a stable job.

And I intend to prove them wrong. I set out this year like a man ready to jump on the first spaceship to the moon and even with frustration daily, I am barely hanging in there. My first job taught me that I should never underestimate my worth and when I got my second job, I realised that there’s more to work, and that’s ambition. I decided to go for it. I knew what it was that I wanted but hadn’t defined it. I run myself broke pushing a restaurant in Mukono (oh the mathematics of running a restaurant) and now, I am here. Back to my roots. Back to my architecture.

At the beginning of the year, I told myself that this was my year. I felt it in the bone. I am just hoping I don’t prove myself wrong. At least one thing’s for sure, I am done writing bad/incoherent posts. I want to one day just print out all these posts and hope that they are able to define what I believe and stand for, but also share with you my experiences, hopefully making your day in the process.

So, here’s a toast to 7 years of blogging, and to more years, but most especially, to my year of awesomeness.

PS; I am not going to promise you much, but I will endeavour to post as much. My only challenge is I sometimes digress to what I love, architecture, and I am afraid that I might bore the living lights out of you. But please, bare with me.

To 7 years of blogging.


I hate it when people claim that they were the first to listen to a certain song.

I hate it when people think that the song playing on the radio must be the best song on the album.

I hate people who just listen to radio waiting for the latest hits.

I hate people who claim to be experts in particular genres.

I hate people who flaunt that they’ve listened to the newest songs.

I hate when people ask if you like a particular artist.

I hate people who think their music is deep.

I hate people who hate you for trying to associate with a particular genre because its ‘theirs!’

I like that I take time to listen to any kind of music, and I struggle sometimes, just hoping that the album could surprise me.

I like lots of genres, but I am more attune with rap/hiphop/techno/rock/alternative/edm/rnb.

I prefer to listen to a whole album.

I sometimes skip songs I find boring on an album.

I don’t care much to the lyrics. I like the sound and you’ve caught my attention.

I like sound because it is easy to figure out the undertones.

I like techno/edm because of the original Jabba.

I like watching movies/series for their soundtracks.

I think most of my playlists are from soundtracks of movies or series I watch.

I sometimes download the whole album/or a bunch of songs if the soundtrack is amazing.

I have the weirdest (I hate using this word because it seems to make people special or something) playlist.

I like my playlist because it sounds a lot like I am watching a scene from a movie or a serie.

I play/listen to music according to my mood.

I can’t do without my earphones.

I think the fastest and most replaced item in my music life are earphones. It is the first thing I put in my pockets.

I sometimes play albums while working because if it is a nice song, it will definitely catch my attention.

I try to listen to all genres. For me, it has always been about sound.

Music is just that. Beautiful and eclectic.


Have you watched Lucy? No?

Lucy has been one of those movies I patiently waited for to see in the cinema this year. After watching and re-watching the preview, I wanted to see what it would turn out to be and I wasn’t disappointed. I met a friend at the cinema that day who was also going to watch the same movie and amidst the conversation, I stated that the movie’s concept ended in her being obsolete or rather omnipotent.

And that exactly happened.

I am at that stage in life where the thirst for knowledge and the time to actually acquire that knowledge are two mutually exclusive elements, a dualism that has left me with nothing but emptiness. I can barely read a book (Cassandra’s Compact by Robert Ludlum) mostly because I don’t have the time. I have had this novel for 6 weeks now and the 300 paged book which could have taken a day or two, has just been in my back pack.

Today, whilst heading to work early in the morning, I started to hum my nursery school rhyme. I don’t even know how the words came to me but their placement felt natural, felt like that’s how I had sung it over 20+ years ago. I was amazed but also continue to question how that is possible and watching Lucy a week ago has helped me rather understand and question the potential capability of the brain.

There was the notion that Einstein used up to 13% and we considered that genius, so what would happen if we could just push the basic 10% to a near 11%? Two or three years ago, my brain activity/capacity was at all time high, my language, inference to elements, understanding and perceiving of somethings was beyond me but of late, I can barely think through a conversation. There’s definitely been a compensation from the usual cognitive and daily thought process and from the usual banter to focus of elements of passion and desire, where I am at 100% when it comes to architecture (my profession) and a mere 80% or less to things other than architecture.

I think the brain is an amazing element. Its potential is beyond us and my quest is in trying to unlock some of these mysteries. But the daily hustles and norms cannot fully permit such. I worry about my job, money, relationships, family and business and whatever little time I have to ponder about the capabilities of my brain is non existent but then, I also realize that for me to be able to do this, is also amazing. Maybe unlocking the secrets of the brain is not the key to happiness.

But I was excited about watching Lucy. I wasn’t disappointed in the graphics or the script or even the layering of the story, albeit I felt I needed more at the end of the movie.

And as I left the cinema, I couldn’t help but tell my friend, “I told you so!”