8 Years

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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
It’s been a great 8 years and I dare say that my writing and the Thought Process has grown and improved. So here’s to many more.

Village Chronicles

“Agandi,” she greets.

“Turya’aho,” they retort.

I’ve never been greeted by this many number of strangers in my lifetime, when not at a party. I wonder at how courteous the people here are and why they randomly greet you. 

Unlike Kampala where it’s rush hour almost every hour, the village is more slow and peaceful the here people have time to greet you. Maybe because there are less stresses here than they are in Kampala. I don’t know why but every time I use the village taxi, and we stop to pick up someone, the first thing they do is greet the whole taxi. And we move on, and we pick up someone who greets us again, and this continues until I finally reach my destination.

I’ve been here almost a week now and every time I feel like leaving this place, I get held up. I am not complaining and truth is, I am enjoying it. I wished to be a wanderer some time again and in these past two days, I’ve been to Mbarara, Lyantonde and back to Bushenyi. Obviously accommodation has been my greatest challenge and at some point I slept in what I would call a brothel seeing as the quality of the covers was susceptible and the bar music playing was just right next door. Yes, a door away. Luckily, power went off but unfortunately I had barely charged any of my gadgets. 

Being out of Kampala is an amazing thing I have now noticed. There’s something ethereal about being on the road, interacting with people, speaking half a dozen broken languages…trust me, they are half a dozen…and having those moments where you are just to yourself, dreaming. 

Anyway…I finally found a place with wifi, in Bushenyi, surprise surprise. I best be leaving now, I need to get back on the Road.


7 Years

Final Project
Final Project

So I randomly checked my wordpress today only to find that it is my 7th year anniversary since I opened this blog. I am beyond ecstatic that I have managed to come this far. And we all know what 7 implies, only good things are yet to happen or are in the process of happening.

That above post is my final project. It’s been close to 2 years since I presented that and after 2 failed jobs, I decided to rather employ myself. Obliviously this has been met with angst and frustration, which is acceptable from my old folk. They’ve worked all their lives and see no reason as to why I should employ myself yet I can be employed all in the name of having a stable job.

And I intend to prove them wrong. I set out this year like a man ready to jump on the first spaceship to the moon and even with frustration daily, I am barely hanging in there. My first job taught me that I should never underestimate my worth and when I got my second job, I realised that there’s more to work, and that’s ambition. I decided to go for it. I knew what it was that I wanted but hadn’t defined it. I run myself broke pushing a restaurant in Mukono (oh the mathematics of running a restaurant) and now, I am here. Back to my roots. Back to my architecture.

At the beginning of the year, I told myself that this was my year. I felt it in the bone. I am just hoping I don’t prove myself wrong. At least one thing’s for sure, I am done writing bad/incoherent posts. I want to one day just print out all these posts and hope that they are able to define what I believe and stand for, but also share with you my experiences, hopefully making your day in the process.

So, here’s a toast to 7 years of blogging, and to more years, but most especially, to my year of awesomeness.

PS; I am not going to promise you much, but I will endeavour to post as much. My only challenge is I sometimes digress to what I love, architecture, and I am afraid that I might bore the living lights out of you. But please, bare with me.

To 7 years of blogging.

Paradigm Shifts

I’ve learnt over time that throwing big and complex words around like I just did makes for a more revering and interesting read. Again, just see what I did there. They may not have potent or have the required voux populi but at least, I have your attention for now. Suffice to say, please have a dictionary on your while you dispose of this little blog post.

There’s been a lot going through my mind. New music, movies, new series and yes, life in general.

I also discovered that my father is an avid reader of this blog. Yeah, trust me, I’ve thought about shutting it down but, you guys, yeah, the readers, move me. Yeah, I did it for you guys!

I’ve thought for a long time, like I am doing now, on writing an amazing blog post. One that that transcends the imaginative and into the ethereal but alas, I continuously fail myself. I sit there, stare at my computer, hoping that amazing things will randomly type themselves out then. . .nothing.

Like I was saying *I had just stepped out for a bit.*

I lit a sigiri yesterday. When was the last time you did that? You think I lie, well, here’s the proof.

Be a little patient. The image is still loading.

Lighting the Sigiri
Lighting the Sigiri

So, after I did that, I went to the kitchen and bored myself. Cutting and dicing things and placing them here and there.

And this is what happened! Again, just be a little patient.

Dinner is Served
Dinner is Served.

*I want to go all chef on you and say steamed rice with pan fried chicken served with stew and vegetables hoping that you understand what I just said.*

Then that happened. I know, I am an amazing cook. Or at least my mind says so.

Well, now, down to this paradigm shift.

I sat and stared through my window. . .

This one

Window shopping for Ideas
Window shopping for Ideas

Yeah. . .

I stared and stared.

Admired the beauty.

The chatter and chirping of the birds.

The clouds and their shapes.

Like children playing in the sand.

Time stood still. I know.

Beating to the drum of my heart beat.

I thought of a beauty

One we only had to really open our eyes to see.

For just a moment, I knew purpose. . .

and then I dozed off.

Anyway, long story short, enjoy my amateurish photography skills.


My 2012 in Pictures. . . And a couple of words.

Collage 2012
Collage 2012

Well, this post should so be last year, but well, I am posting it this year.

This collage did take sometime making seeing as photoshop is not that easy but, those are my pictures for 2012 and here’s a couple of words.

1. I travelled a little. Got the opportunity to sit in a big bird, and feel like a bird and praying the big bird doesn’t get injured during my flight.

2. Dubai is a great city. And for Architects and students of Architecture, the Khalifa, Palm Jumeira, Al Arab is a must see. Amazing place except for the weather.

3. Lots and lots of alcohol. A victim of alcohol sampling.

4. Shoes. I like shoes, especially a pair of all black all stars.

5. Shoes without socks because wearing socks is now just too mainstream.

6. I became an Uncle. Three nephews.

7. I got a smart phone.

8. I MET LIQUIDEEP. Major highlight that one.

9. The village. That villa back home is awesome.

10. Team Ibanda. Bunch of crazy guys to party with.

11. Paint ball fighting. 25k well spent.

12. Finally, the Dark Knight Rises, Kuzeec… or @Kuzeec

13. Coming through alive at the end of it all. Lost loved ones, friends and still I remain grateful.

I should stop now.


HAPPY New Year.

Well, Happy New Year.

You need to at least be happy for its a new year irrespective of how or what the old year ended like.

Its time to make those acrimonious Resolutions. So, for 2013, here are a few, maybe just 13.

1. How’s about I blog more often. And blog more sense in this case.

2. Lose weight. If you get as much spam in your email as I do about losing weight, then its time you picked up on the hint.

3. Social Media is taking over the world by storm. I too need my storm. If I were a programmer with a dingy garage and lots of cables, I’d be on my way to starting a social media site.

4. Get officially employed. I’ve been what they call self employed, living on meagre allowances. Maybe its time I joined the stereotypical corporate world.

5. Read the fourth installation of the Eragon books. I got the book around last year and I have barely made it to the first page. And this is why, it took long to come out. But I need to either way.

6. Think about the future more.

7. Seven is my lucky number of sorts. 3 too. But yes, GO TO CHURCH MORE OFTEN.

8. Have the best project this final semester. I know, Architecture has mistreated me like the cruel mistress it is but yes.

9. Try to become famous. Who wouldn’t in this century. 15 minutes of fame done turned into hours. Its time I capitalised on this too.

10. Be more appreciative. I am a pain. Its time I became more appreciative.

11. Ensure I keep or try and meet said above resolutions.

12. Love. Love. Love. Love like I’ve never loved before.

13. GOD.

Happy NEW Year.

Place Random Title Here

I have a lot to say….thats how most of my blog posts begin! Well, I might have, am not really sure how much I have though…

Blogging is fun, or it used to be when there was a gang of mafia running the blogsphere and we all wanted to join, and we read and commented, but times have changed.

So, its not like I care about my stats [statistics] but a few days ago, I woke up to 163 hits in one day. Now that took me aback! 163 hits means someone or some people read it that many number of times. But no, I checked again, and realised someone had actually opened each and every article from when I first posted to date. Now that was worrying. But I liked it, well, I hope they did find out about me or they know what I dont know about myself.

Thats beside the point. Today’s post was supposed to be dubbed ‘TGIF’! I mean, Thank God its Friday. Many people talk about it, but the irony is they thank him yet they prepare themselves to sin as the weekend approaches. The irony indeed. Again, am not here to castigate or hate or whatever it is you think am doing, am just putting to not. And why doesn’t opened have a double N?

Anyway, now to the main point, am grateful to my readers. Keep reading. Keep sharing, and one by one,  lets be the change we want to be.

You can also find me here The Crit  or here CK 

Am appreciative. Even for the hits, I know you are reading and I shall continue to write.


F the World
F the world

This was supposed a photo i was to upload with last weeks article.

Me, working
Me, working

Aside from the photos, as shown above…

Life is about a collection of memories which can be held in a moment by photos.

take those snaps people, take them otherwise a few years down the road, their will be nothing to remember you about or what to remember you about.