I remember when we’d spend the entire day arguing about age being just a number!

That girls matured faster than boys!

And yet, there’s a 76 year old Uganda presuming they can rule a mostly youthful demographic. How? I sit and remember my grandfather who passed on last year at 80 and how he stressed about not being stressed at his age! How do you help someone who’s adamant on being in power til he dies?


Is it just a figment of our imagination! Measured using time and yet time is ever constant! Can we identify as age? I mean, it’s all we ever do? Why do we like to lie about our age?

It’s the premise that we are growing and yet, they say that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Are we truly ever growing, or just aging.

Maybe it is just experiences! Maybe we should measure age based off of experiences!

That’s it. It’s time!

Entebbe Wala

This magnificent title is sponsored by Philly Bongoley Lutaaya.

Who, for one was an amazing musician, artist and HIV – AIDS spokesperson. My memories of him are when I was young and he was coming to the end of his mission on this here earth. His music always made my Christmases worthwhile.

Today, whilst I was working, this song happened to play. Oh, the memories it brought back. I did go back in time. It felt good to once be young – in the mind, again. I remembered how life was much simpler, and decisions much easier because, for one, I was making very few of them.

Entebbe Wala!

As I write this, 11:12 pm in the night, I am seated on my computer trying to finish up some work. The reason I do this work is for one day, when I have my own children, they can make fewer decisions like I did when growing up.

The project I am working on is both exciting and mind boggling. Design is a puzzle. A mental dissonance between what you want and what the client has demanded for.

Entebbe Wala!

Do you know any Ugandan as inspirational as the late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya? Bobi Wine? I remember travelling for a day to the village with his music playing in the background. Good times when we had cassette players and needed a pen to rewind. And a tape had a side A and side B!

Entebbe Wala!

How time flies? He passed on around the time I was born -about 30 years ago, yet his music still lives on. Sometimes I struggle with my identity and what I shall leave on this earth when my time comes around. Sometimes I struggle with the idea of my work and whether it shall leave beyond my time! I wonder whether my writing will be as great as I hope it will be.

Entebbe Wala!

So, this is my birth month! Again, time flies! Just yesterday I was celebrating a milestone, three decades strong! And now, we start the best years of our life. And my one wish would be to be as great as Philly Bongoley Lutaaya! To be as inspiring and modest as he was! He made Christmases worthwhile! A man who knew his talent and used it to the greatest of his capabilities!

To a new month, and a great year!




Sometimes I wish for a darkness
A darkness that thrills
And a thrill that chills
A chill that quietens the shiver

Sometimes I wish for a darkness
A darkness where shut eyes are bright
And a brightness that quietens the mind
Because the mind needs a peace

Sometimes I wish for a darkness
A darkness that creates thought
And thinking is what I like most to do
But that darkness is no more!

Day 3

Let me first talk about Day 2 quickly!

We arrived safely in Nairo-bae as people call it. Albeit it was just a stop over before continuing our journey!

We got to our destination point before realizing our luggage had been misplaced!

But, God’s providence has shone and continued to shine. It was delivered in the evening. My wife was freaking out though and like has happened before KQ let us down and then partly delivered.

The hotel is amazing. *Names withheld!*

This is our second baecation! Had one in 2017 and we learnt our lessons. We came prepared, and I think it’s going alright!

Day 3

I’ve just woken up!

I’ll add more onto this later!

Swimming is on the menu!


Day 1

Today, when I woke up, it didn’t dawn on me that I was married! Now, much later in the wee morning hours as I wait to set off for my honeymoon, it’s creeping onto me that I am actually married!

Do I feel any different?

No! Nah!


Yes! Yes I do!

Yesterday was sooooooo much fun! From waking up early to preparing the groomsmen to going to church, and going to some more church, and saying We Do, to the crazy photo shoot and later party! It’s been a great time and was a great day!

Weird thing though, it seems guys had more fun at my party than I did! Like, they balled out for real!

I honestly want reviews for my wedding!

Yesterday, God did it!

1. It shone the entire day! I was worried about the rain and how crazy it would be since our wedding was at the water front! But, it didn’t rain and we had a fantastic day!

2. It feels weird, in a good way, to be wearing a ring, a freaking WEDDIN’ ring! I like it!

3. Friends came through for me! Family came through for me more! I love you guys, and if you read this, I am going to revenge kindly on you guys!

4. It feels good to be called Mr and Mrs!

5. Yeah, I got the ring! Not her, me! I got the ring! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Happy New Year folks!


It’s 01:21 in the am. It’s been a while since I worked this late.

I am listening to Twice – Little Dragons. I love this song. The melody puts in me in a meditative space, where I am able to think outside of my own personal space. It puts me in a place other than mine where I try to resonate with what the world is sharing, what the world is speaking to me.

I remember watching the first season of Revenge and my mind was blown at how good the series was and could be. Unfortunately, I only watched the first season. But I remember picking this song from the series.

Today has been for me one of those where I have a warped perspective of what’s happening around me. Today, things slowed down and I was able to create an impression of what was happening outside of me.

I love music. Music puts me in a very good space. I take time to look for my music. I put in effort. If it’s a particular sound I like, I shall spend the time to get it, even if it means scrolling through thousands of comments on youtube or watching movie credits or even shazaming the song.

I think today is flash back music day! I was at home earlier and watched Oblivion, and the scoring in there was so beautifully done I downloaded the entire album. It is what I’ve been listening to since lunch.

My passion for music exceeds the basic minimum for music fans because I always work to music. And depending on the work or project I am doing, particular music shall do it for me. Music to me creates moments. Moments where I tend to reminisce and commit to memory.

Music is memory.


Darkness; The Night

I once was afraid of the night
With it came crawling monsters
Monsters my mind made up
And up my mind they crawled
Tickling me with fear
Until I shut my eyes wishing them away

I once was afraid of the night
With it came nothingness
Nothingness that twirled my mind
And it twirled me with nothingness
Twisting me with fear
Until I shut my eyes wishing my mind blank

I am afraid of the night
With it comes the abyss
An abyss that stifles my mind
And it stifles me within an abyss
An emptiness unfulfilled
Until I shut my eyes wishing my mind alight

I stood by the gate that night, puffing away at the cigarette wondering how I had come to this. I thought I had quit the habit! Why was I puffing well knowing I’d be coughing the rest of the morning away? I stared at the clear deep blue sky, stars shining, musing, whose brightness I was just seeing. Stars that had faded light years away, no longer existing but whose light I was just only seeing. In me invoked a sadness, a sadness that arose from how incapable I was, how minute we were. And I continued to stare into the abyss of the deep blue sky counting the stars, the physics behind the light, the metaphysics of human life and I puffed again, well knowing I was just as insignificant but believing mine was a role I had to play in this destiny we call life.

8 Years

8 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 8 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
It’s been a great 8 years and I dare say that my writing and the Thought Process has grown and improved. So here’s to many more.

Movember Musingss

These are my Movember musings…

1. God first

2. Family second. Sometimes friends can be family, and family can be unfriendly.

3. No new friends? Make friends. Network. If you are trying to make it out there viz you are a CEO of a certain small company, networking can be helpful. I know so.

4. Learning about contracts is important. Business involves contracts and making one is very important and critical. Negotiating is also key. Well, I’ve come to learn this. Also, learning to stick to a contract is key, for it allows you to renegotiate but shows integrity and courage too. I’ve learnt that the hard way.

5. Is your plan on paper? Is whatever it is you want to do written down somewhere? Well, just write it down if you have an idea of what you want to do or execute. It’s important and imperative you have things written down. There’s genius in that.

6. Count on the small victories.

7. Plan trips with friends.

8. No one really Ever has your back, so look after yourself. 

9. The year has almost ended sadly and I have still not met my financial goals.

10. I am still hopeful though. 

11. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with facial hair. The advantage is I will still somewhat look younger in my finer days. But yes, it’s important to cater to your health and watch for those around you. 

Wedding Meetings

I’ve always frowned upon these things called wedding meetings. I always felt that they were a scam created by unprepared couples to stifle the little resources families didn’t have.

But that changed today.

This was a couple that had decided to take that step into the very frightening institution of marriage. Our parents have made and made their marriage look easy peasy that growing up into this reality is quite frightening. I mean, how do you know that they are the right person? Will it work out? And the little mini-mes?!

Anyway, I was forced to accompany her to a friend’s wedding meeting. She had been given the position of secretary and thus couldn’t even skip any of the meetings. I being the gentleman, decided to escort her to the meeting seeing as it also affected our evening plans later.

On reaching the venue, we found our place at front seeing as that was where she would be seated. The gathering, small, all family members made their way to the seats. We were welcomed to the third meeting and given updates to what was happening and how much we needed. The chairman, not as verbose but with a cunning charm while using his words gave us updates on the ongoings. The groom’s friends cheered and hollered from the back. 

There was a pulpable excitement that resonated within the room it rubbed off me. I felt that I too should be a part of this, help celebrate and animate in whatever way this step into the endless abyss of love. I quickly looked around for some little change and participated in whatsoever the game or function it was. I was excited, and suddenly, I felt that I too would one day be here, and when the time came, I hoped that I’d have family and friends cheering for me.

My ridicule to this rather common activity has softened albeit I feel a decision such as this should find me as prepared and ready to go as I need to be which is unfortunate because matters of the heart can never be planned for.

Anyway, all the best to this happy couple and soon, to us.