Day 1

Today, when I woke up, it didn’t dawn on me that I was married! Now, much later in the wee morning hours as I wait to set off for my honeymoon, it’s creeping onto me that I am actually married!

Do I feel any different?

No! Nah!


Yes! Yes I do!

Yesterday was sooooooo much fun! From waking up early to preparing the groomsmen to going to church, and going to some more church, and saying We Do, to the crazy photo shoot and later party! It’s been a great time and was a great day!

Weird thing though, it seems guys had more fun at my party than I did! Like, they balled out for real!

I honestly want reviews for my wedding!

Yesterday, God did it!

1. It shone the entire day! I was worried about the rain and how crazy it would be since our wedding was at the water front! But, it didn’t rain and we had a fantastic day!

2. It feels weird, in a good way, to be wearing a ring, a freaking WEDDIN’ ring! I like it!

3. Friends came through for me! Family came through for me more! I love you guys, and if you read this, I am going to revenge kindly on you guys!

4. It feels good to be called Mr and Mrs!

5. Yeah, I got the ring! Not her, me! I got the ring! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Happy New Year folks!


How do ladies take wine? Frequently at that!?


This has been on my mind for the last two weeks. What magic is embued in your bodies?

About two weeks ago, at a family shindig, there happened to be enough wine to compete with Jesus’ miracle in Canaa. Wine was flowing like the river Nile, and we were swimming in the river. It happened to be a family reunion that was a few months over due. Anyway, I decided to take wine seeing as there was no beer.

And I took that wine. I probably put Conrad in Namaqua, Conradaqua…

Whilst the government was celebrating and commemorating its conquering of the old regime, I was drowning myself in wine. Tumbler after tumbler. And the beauty about wine is it takes its gentle time to massage your ego before throwing you off the cliff. The evening was indeed amazing I even packed some for the road. 

I headed home, buzzed but not wasted. On my way, I got another box of wine before calling it an almost night at a friend’s place. We played with the box of wine like young children who had just discovered its exciting contents. Come midnight, I headed home still feeling fresh. The wine was still massaging my ego.

I get home, sleep off, buzzed but very ok. And it was at this time that the wine started to slowly push me towards the cliff. I awoke the next morning, feeling relatively ok. I did have breakfast as well. Seeing as it was a Friday, and I employ myself, I could afford to be late for work. I think having breakfast was the cue for the wine just pushed me off the cliff, and down I went. All my muscles ached, I got food poisoning, I could barely walk. I just crawled back to bed and napped. My body felt like a masseuse was hacking me, using a hammer to hit my joints. The fetal position couldn’t even do the trick. 

Ah, wine. Bloody wine!

My Friday was spent thinking about how I am never doing wine again. What horseless shit did I drink!? How do ladies do it? What black magic do you have to use before taking wine? I finally recovered at 2:00am that Saturday morning, and it was pretty late to go for work then.

Let’s just say I am not about that wine life. I am not a winer!

8 Years

8 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 8 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
It’s been a great 8 years and I dare say that my writing and the Thought Process has grown and improved. So here’s to many more.

Beasts of No Nation


The child soldiers cheer on after the rocket launcher.

“See that. That is magic. Hunh. We are going to take that bridge. We are going to take that bridge. Hunh! Formation! That bridge we are taking it.”


“Better look me in the eyes mada fucker. Who wants to fight? Unha! I am only taking de brave. I am not taking the scary. I am not taking no girls. Are you ready to fight?”




“You want to take that bridge?”


“We are gonna take that fuckin bridge!”


“Ibenda ke!”

“Tagalakyuma yo!”

“Ibenda ke?”

“Tagalakyuma yo!”

HAVE YOU WATCHED BEASTS OF NO NATION? Have you? Or have you read the book with also the same title? Or have you listened to the album by Fela Kuti also with the same title? The book which gets its title from the music album by Fela Kuti now has a movie adaption that for once in my life, I counted the 2 hours and 10 minutes of mind boggleness that is this story. Last evening, at around 10:00pm when I got home, I decided to watch the movie. A friend of mine had earlier told me how himself and a couple of others decided to sit and watch it, and for the same amount of time, they couldn’t believe what they’d just watched. I don’t know what exactly inspired the author but this is one deep story talking about the plight of child soldiers in Africa and around the world. 

This excerpt is from one of my favourite scenes in the movie. I have watched this scene over and over again and can’t seem to get it out of my head. The actors are brilliant and Idris Elba does a magnificent job in this movie.

This movie brought out what I am most afraid of…the pulpable excitement I get when I watch or come across something very inspiring. I felt that I could write a 20,000 word masters thesis after watching this movie. As soon as I was done, I was on the internet doing background research on the actors, the directors, the scoring, the Internet ratings, the YouTube reviews, the everything and anything about this movie. The director’s take on the story…and before I forget, Abraham Attah’s magnificent role. Dude totally killed it. 

I literally played the soundtrack on my player the whole day today and as I write this, I am watching this very scene. If you haven’t watched it, WATCH IT. Or read it. Read the book. In one of the interviews, the director and author share their perspectives and one thing’s for sure, the darkness in the book is not fully brought out in the movie. They dumbed it down to allow for ease of view for the audiences around the world. They even talked about the gay scene not included in the movie. Why? Around the time of the final editing, Uganda’s debate on the LGBT community was on going and they didn’t want to exacerbate the situation.

It is a touching story. I feel like I don’t do it justice but maybe encouraging you to read the book or watch the movie is the best I can do. Truth is, this is among the best, if not the BEST movie I’ve watched In a while. There’s very few movies that make you want to cry, and this I do say made me shed a tear. I felt this story told a side to a tale very few can relate with. I felt too that I was a child soldier going through the emotions. I felt that Agu reminded me of a place I never wanted to be but I wished I too could experience what he experienced.

Am I writing too much?

This movie has moments. Moments where you stop and pause the movie, kneel down and say a prayer. Moments where you think back to 15 or so years ago when the LRA abducted countless children in Northern Uganda and used them as soldiers. Moments where you pause and smile. Pause and cry. Pause and rewind. Pause and gasp. Pause and dance. Moments where you fire your imaginary pistol finger guns. Moments where you chant, and scream.

I honestly don’t want to stop writing but let me do for now. Let me rewind and watch the commandant Idris Elba psyche the child soldiers. 

Interesting fact. The story was picked up in 2006, shot in Ghana in 2013 and released just a month ago. This movie is like a fine bottle of wine.

Food for more thought 

Help – it’s not bad to ask for it.

Inspire – you need to be or look for it on those bloody dull days.

Jesus – take the wheel

Kuzooka – be proud

Lemon – remember that life gives you lemons, just make the juice.

Mercy – please

Nora – you need friends like Nora

O – orange juice! Life does not always give you lemons, but if you can make the juice, make some orange juice.

Patience – if you didn’t know, it pays

Queue – there’s a long queue. You are not the first in this struggle they call life.

Resolution – Be RESOLVED.

Stress – manage it.

Tea – find something that calms you

Umbrella – for those rainy days

Viola – have some magic, tada

Wise – everyday you experience something, the more wisdom you get

X – if it inspires you, and you don’t know it, then go with it. The X factor

You – in the end, it’s all about you

Zen – find inner peace. 

Back On The Road

The air is moist and dusty as I struggle to breathe, something simple yet difficult in my city today.

If the Kampala weather doesn’t worry you, then I might be mistaken, alien. The city is now too bright, dirty and heavy laden there’s no more ‘comfort zone’! But luckily, I am back on the road.

There’s something peaceful and calm about traveling, be it for work or for pleasure. I have been doing it a year now such that I really get excited when I leave the city. I get to see the other side of the country very few people get to see.

Yesterday, a client of mine requested that we go open the boundaries on his site, and also commence leveling works. I jumped to the occasion, not because of the work aspect, but the getting out of town aspect. And there was a catch to it; I was going to drive his car. Yeay me! He had the flu and didn’t feel he could do the 350km journey, and I didn’t mind it. Beautiful car he has. A diesel 2.7 TX engine, there’s nothing the road was going to do. We set off at around 2:00pm but finally got onto the main high way at about 2:40. And off we drove.

While driving and enjoying the ride, I thought to myself, I need such a car, a beast. I started then to chase the sunset while running a couple ideas. There’s nothing as amazing as driving a good car while thinking to yourself, this should be mine.

Anyway, while driving, I thought to myself, ‘I used to be a good poet! Or was it prose?’

Here goes

Chasing Sunsets

As the sky falls
And the sun winks
And the stars start to blink
I start to chase the sunset

As the crickets creak
And the grass glows
And the clouds flow
I start to chase the sunset

As I reach my destination
And think about my journey
And my body wanes
I start to think about the sunrise

“Boys are immature,” she said!


Allow me another laugh.

Hahahaha. I am not going to be offended by this statement. It’s ridiculous even in its notion that young men are immature. I’ve not heard it once, not twice but so many times for it to register as an irritation every time a young girl utters it. Then again, I take no offense. I do though take offense in the person who’s spread such propaganda. A 22 year old can’t date a 22 year old because apparently, he is more likely to be immature. Granted, the status quo hasn’t changed much to support the 22 year old dude’s arguement.

I am honestly perplexed at this notion, that girls go seeking older men because guys of their age group are immature. I need to know, what makes us immature? Girls have come up with a rather bizarre notion that the right type of guy -the mature guy, will be settled, have a home and be ready to start a family. Take her home for Christmas to his parents and have very deep conversations, which apparently you can’t get from a 22 year old. It is so bad that these young girls literally lose interest immediately they find out how old you are. It is so bad that they even have their maturity age gap and brackets. He has to be 35, have a steady job and have an acceptable bank balance because that makes him look mature, be mature.


Are you kidding me? It is bamboozling to hear such come from girls who’ve barely made it out in the world. Girls who’ve barely traveled and seen the world. Girls whose version of a romance is in the twilight books they read. Girls whose understanding of culture barely exceeds that of what their roommate next door screams out loud during their throngs of passion. Girls whose basic knowledge of starting a family is getting a man whose already settled. Girls whose idea of maturity is so misconstrued they believe themselves mature because they carry around a pair of breasts.

I’d rather you say he’s too young, unsettled, and lacks ambition than call someone undateble and immature. Girls need to throw away these delusions of grandeur they keep feeding themselves. Illusions, created by your inability to rather comprehend that carrying such thoughts around makes you more or less immature and the young lad you called out immature, mature.

I once believed this nonsense because society made me believe that girls grow up faster and are more mature than boys their age. Fact of the matter is that there are so many precedents to support and also equally nullify this argument.

Anyway, all I am saying is that for Pete’s sake, stop using the bloody word. Look it up in the dictionary. Immature relates to things regarding to growth, and until you know that, grow those ideas and ideals lest we think your mental capabilities immature.

And for the guys who’ve been called immature, well, keep proving them right. It’s the least they deserve, right?