I have had a lot to write about recently but where my mind has been, even I could not dig it out. But today, I must write because today begins a transition, significantly more important, or less, because I was born 29 years ago (some still say I am 24! Thanks Kylie). As I begin this rather exciting journey, I honestly look back at some significant things that have happened in my life. Also, I feel old albeit still feeling young. Life is but a paradox! 

1. I’d like to thank my parents. Honestly, I sometimes think they look at me and wonder, is this what we made? I don’t think I have disappointed them yet, or have I? Nonetheless, I am here because of them and now that I am old, and know how babies are made, eeeewwwww mum and dad.

2. Being a first born is dope. Till you get competition, and some more, and then you just stop being relevant when the fifth comes along. Yes, I am talking about my siblings who took my limelight year after year. Those idiots surprisingly are good company till they take some of the love that was originally yours.

3. I was born on Easter Sunday these many years ago. And 3 is my fave number. Sometimes I feel like Jesus, because of my birthday. Well, my point is that 3 is my fave number.

4. I once escaped from home – Makerere, when I was 4 to go for my cousin’s birthday in Kamwokya. My mum claims, I am not to sure or even remember doing this but hey, my big head got beaten because of that. 

5. My neigbour once gave me a toy car for my birthday and after we cut the cake, this dude took back his toy car. Apparently the father hadn’t given him permission to. I know, it’s been this long but hey, I can forgive but not forget. Got circumcised too! Lol.

6. I had my first crush.

7. I once got drunk and passed out in a banana plantation at a baptism party somewhere in Nabbingo. The coke tasted different. My uncle gave me some of his punch and I was KOed before I knew it. Luckily, I woke up in time for the cake cutting. I love cake too.

8. I joined boarding school.

9. Mehn, I was still in boarding school and it sucked but hey, I had made the decision all because my cousin was given pocket money.

10. I was in a heist. Bun robbers to be precise. Our buns has been locked up by the class teacher because we were noise makers. So, I decided to take the initiative and break into the cupboard. That’s how I met my best friend, then. 

11. Boarding school had refused to end, but I was just a year away from P.7, I had to hung in there. The system had broken me. And then my class teacher comes to tell us that we shall never stop learning. This hurt, seeing as I was tired of school. Little did I know that I would understand this when I was finally done with school.

12. Finally! Done with boarding school, candidate of the millennium. And then my arch rival was born. The last of five, first of they took all the love from us! My baby brother. 

13. I thought I grew up a little here. Oh the famed secondary school level! And my passion for writing was thus ignited. I started to write in a journal. I should look up some of these journals and see where my mind was!

14. Secondary school was easy. And my innate passion for Architecture was triggered. I was rather fascinated by buildings.

15. I read my first Novel. Not sure what the title was, but it was a Sydney Sheldon book. Thought him to be a lady seeing as most of his protagonists were ladies.

16. Of crushes and love letters. Hello, CLAK! I also learnt to drive. I once stole my father’s car just to drive around the nieghbourhood before I was caught and told to write an apology letter and within it reasons as to why I stole the car! Aha!

17. Almost there. I can finally see the light. Almost done with tertiary education. Honestly, my high school was not as impressive as some people say theirs were! I was a laid back chilled guy trying to live another day. 

18. Uhm. Grown up woot woot. Honestly, it was the first time I realized that I was grown up and I could get jailed. I also went to cooking school because I had the driving thing locked down 😎! 

19. Hello campus and all the bad decisions! Very frightening bad decisions. First successful surgery! First relationship. I remember telling her we were going to get married! 

20. First break up! Who knew relationships were not as rosy as what I watched in the Notebook! 

21. Maybe Architecture is not as easy as I thought it was. 

22. Who am I and why am I here! The famed introspective question hits me. What is life? And the sickness kicks in! Depression also kicks in. There was a lot of anger in me that never seemed to have an outlet! 

23. Hummmm? Life happened. 

24. Isn’t love a beautiful thing. MMMKR!

25. The typical midlife crisis! For Ugandans that is. Isn’t adulting a trap. Got my first job as a client service personnel in an advertising firm. I was tired of Architecture and need a mental break. 

26. Maybe Architecture is not that bad at all. I also started and owned a restaurant, and also failed. 2014 was a year of many things. I also registered my first company!

27. I honestly felt I had been through a lot. Three jobs in three years and a failed restaurant, and a project that took me deep deep into the village was also the reason I needed to officially start my own company.

28. Last year was amazing. C.E.O things aside, I just realized that time is something we barely grasp, and I needed to get myself in order. I also met some really amazing people. I won’t mention them, but they know themselves. They have made my rather mundane life a little thrilling. They’ve got my back even I fall off the chair. They’ve propped me and reminded me that I am special. But what can I say, Lulu and Lula have really been awesome. Eve, Mark, and Justin. Robert and Marvin are the other musketeers. There’s one who went but she won’t be forgotten, Julie – we got your back! 

29. I don’t think I’ve said much, but I am just grateful for the gift of life, for the gift of family, for the gift of friends, for the gift of tomorrow, for the gift of work. The older I grow, the more I realize that the things I held most significant might not matter tomorrow but as long as I stay true to myself, and believe in doing the right thing, and giving my most, I shall be happy. As I start this new year, I don’t believe there can be a new me, but rather a refined me, from the lessons I have learnt these past few years. Like my maths teacher said when I was 10 or 11, we never stop learning. And he should have added something, we never stop growing. Spread love, peace and a little laughter here and there.

Happy birthday Conrad.

8 Years

8 Year Anniversary Achievement
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It’s been a great 8 years and I dare say that my writing and the Thought Process has grown and improved. So here’s to many more.

Food for more thought 

Help – it’s not bad to ask for it.

Inspire – you need to be or look for it on those bloody dull days.

Jesus – take the wheel

Kuzooka – be proud

Lemon – remember that life gives you lemons, just make the juice.

Mercy – please

Nora – you need friends like Nora

O – orange juice! Life does not always give you lemons, but if you can make the juice, make some orange juice.

Patience – if you didn’t know, it pays

Queue – there’s a long queue. You are not the first in this struggle they call life.

Resolution – Be RESOLVED.

Stress – manage it.

Tea – find something that calms you

Umbrella – for those rainy days

Viola – have some magic, tada

Wise – everyday you experience something, the more wisdom you get

X – if it inspires you, and you don’t know it, then go with it. The X factor

You – in the end, it’s all about you

Zen – find inner peace. 

Diary of A Travelling Broke Architect

Sunday 13th – Bushenyi: After weeks of lobbying for a project, I’ve finally given in, the contract though taken, I have yet lessons to learn before I can fully administer a project. After the Bushenyi incident (story for another time), maybe I should let the pros handle the project. Besides, the client’s temperament has given me hind sight. Need to prepare for the business trip to Lyantonde. 

Sunday 13th – Mbarara: Mbarara is expensive. How exactly am I supposed to stay here a night when a room goes for 70,000/- on average. Where is my saving? I met a friend who says the University Inn was affordable. I should try it. It is actually not a bad place. I am pretty sure their target is Travelling students and lecturers. Comfortable and away from the noise of the town. Not bad.

Monday 14th – Mbarara to Lyantonde: I hopped onto a Global bus just after taking my cup of tea. I’ve never had to hold my pee in so bad I felt my bladder almost burst. The conductor says that they only stop at Lyantonde. That’s about 45 minutes. Will I manage? Finally. Longest 40 minutes of my life. Sigh! That was close. Time check – 10:00am, early for the meeting. I shouldn’t use my battery, not sure where or when I will charge. Time check – 12:00pm, finally my business contact arrives. We need to wow the client. Site is extremely huge, exciting. Time check – 2:00pm, finally meet client. He’s a boss, the actual definition. He’s busy so he’ll see us in the evening. Time check – 8:00pm, finally we sit down to discuss. He’s a busy man. 

Tuesday 15th – Lyantonde; Boss man forced as to sleep in Lyantonde. My plans for heading back to Bushenyi have been sidetracked. I was supposed to go back on Monday but new work is new work. Boss man is thrifty but I am excited he’s taken a liking to me. I want to be like boss man when I grow up. So many calls from the Bushenyi contractor, client might be furious. Bushenyi work is smoothly progressing. Have to assemble a new team for the Lyantonde project tomorrow. I’ve been in the same pair of jeans and shirt since last Thurday. Mother is coming over for work tomorrow. Should see her.

Wednesday 16th – Bushenyi to Lyantonde: I finalized the Bushenyi team. In case of anything, they can give me call. The Kampala team headed for Lyantonde should be setting off now.  I miss town. Been getting calls and texts from home. They are wondering if I’ve run away. It’s been a week. Finally saw mum, she looked proud, her son was well off. I should have told her to pack me clothes. Damn it. It’s 3:00pm, Kampala team is just preparing to set off. Bloody bastards. We had agreed for 11:00am. I need to head to site. Finally on site. Boss man thought I had run away. Hahahahahaha. Seriously though. It seems I am stuck this side. I head back to the brothel looking motel I stayed in on Monday evening. Finally the team is here. It’s late but they are here.

Thurday 17th – Lyantonde: the motel didn’t have enough towels. We sat down as a team and discussed the way forward for the work, we are excited. We layed out our markers. We should kick start the project. Boss man is excited that we are a young team. He cracks a joke about how we are not married. It’s hot. Is that rain? 

Friday 18th – Lyantonde: I guess I am stuck this side of town. I have to be in Bushenyi and Mbarara tomorrow. I’ll probably head to Kampala in the evening. Next time I am packing a bag. A very huge bag.

It’s 6:20pm now, how was your week?

 The road most travelled!

My current work space!


Wedding Meetings

I’ve always frowned upon these things called wedding meetings. I always felt that they were a scam created by unprepared couples to stifle the little resources families didn’t have.

But that changed today.

This was a couple that had decided to take that step into the very frightening institution of marriage. Our parents have made and made their marriage look easy peasy that growing up into this reality is quite frightening. I mean, how do you know that they are the right person? Will it work out? And the little mini-mes?!

Anyway, I was forced to accompany her to a friend’s wedding meeting. She had been given the position of secretary and thus couldn’t even skip any of the meetings. I being the gentleman, decided to escort her to the meeting seeing as it also affected our evening plans later.

On reaching the venue, we found our place at front seeing as that was where she would be seated. The gathering, small, all family members made their way to the seats. We were welcomed to the third meeting and given updates to what was happening and how much we needed. The chairman, not as verbose but with a cunning charm while using his words gave us updates on the ongoings. The groom’s friends cheered and hollered from the back. 

There was a pulpable excitement that resonated within the room it rubbed off me. I felt that I too should be a part of this, help celebrate and animate in whatever way this step into the endless abyss of love. I quickly looked around for some little change and participated in whatsoever the game or function it was. I was excited, and suddenly, I felt that I too would one day be here, and when the time came, I hoped that I’d have family and friends cheering for me.

My ridicule to this rather common activity has softened albeit I feel a decision such as this should find me as prepared and ready to go as I need to be which is unfortunate because matters of the heart can never be planned for.

Anyway, all the best to this happy couple and soon, to us. 

July Musings

Well, we have a couple of days left before the end of the month but I feel I should share with you a couple of exciting musings.

1. This sums up my current beliefs. Be patient. Keep a positive attitude. There’s always tomorrow. Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy the moment. Make new friends. Keep old friends. Family is family. Friends is the new family. Shine, it will rub off everything you do. Keep tabs on your ambition. The secret to success is still a secret. Make more friends. Seek new adventures.

2. Write. Write some more. Read. Read some more. Laugh. Laugh some more.

3. Wear jackets. They make you look formal. They command a little more respect.

4. Plan your week. Time is money. Think about it?

5. Don’t argue. Argue. Choose who to have an argument with. Ever been in an argument with someone and feel like everything they say drains the life force out of you? Yeah. And then there’s those people who just leave you agape, wondering what you’ve been doing your whole life.

6. Enjoy what you do. Do something because you are enjoying it.

7. Listen to new music. The music is everywhere, all you have to do is listen – August’s Rhapsody.

8. Learn new words. Use new words in a sentence. Such is life’s rhetory.

9. Share stories. Share you adventures. Embellish a little when telling these tales.

10. Make love. Relationships are healthy. If it is beautiful, then everything around you is beautiful. Make sure your relationship is beautiful.

11. Make money. If you need, then find a way of making. Be honest. When you are honest, then people will trust you and everything you do. Don’t be too greedy.

12. Only fools use the Art of War as a means to get by in life. True, some things are applicable. But hey, the rest is poppycock.

Ah! Am I done?