“[23:10, 1/26/2020] Sagye: Your star player
[23:10, 1/26/2020] Sagye: Kobe Bryant”

I woke up to this message early in the morning. I’ve been a Lakers fan all my life when it comes to all things basketball, so when I woke up to this message in the morning, I was honestly confused!

My first reaction was, “What about him?”

My younger brother is a Miami Heat fan and I thought he’d just texted to let me know how LeBron has now surpassed Kobe in the all time scoring list!

I then went to the shower to prepare for my day! It was about 6:15am! After showering, dressing and getting ready, like I always do, I checked social media and BOOM! It was everywhere, it’s what everyone was talking about, and it was then that my heart truly skipped a beat.

I’ve followed the Black Mamba from when he first won the Championship in 2001 up to when he retired in 2016. I remember playing NBA2K and always using the Lakers because of Kobe Bean Bryant. I became the student of the game because I wanted to emulate the way he did it. My preferred position to play was the 2 Guard because of him. I felt strongly that after he’d retire, he just surprise us one last time. I remember the finals against the Celtics in 2010 and how I’d switched the TV off in Game 7 because we were trailing by 20 points at some point, only to wake up and find out that we’d won. His injuries! Aha!

He was a passionate man, and when he refused to come back, we were remiss. But then something happened – Gianna! Just like the Mamba, the Mambacita started to impress me and I became an avid fan, waiting to see what she would become. And today happened, like any other day, but with a lot of sadness.

All we have is memories, and he gave us great memories. I am a Laker because of Kobe but even a bigger fan of the game because of how great he was. And I hated how they always kept him out of the GOAT conversation, infuriated at how blind people were to his greatness.

I am saddened by his passing, and Gianna’s as well, but more so for the family who have to deal with this terrible news.

RIP the GOAT, Black Mamba

RIP the baby GOAT, Black Mambacita

The game will never be the same with you gone!

Rest well!

2019 going 2020!

It’s been a terrific year 2019. When I look back to what I’ve been able to do and achieve, I am forever grateful! I mean, the year started on a high, and 2020 is also starting on a high!

2019 put a lot into perspective, and mellowed down the very many thoughts running through my mind! I mean, I got married, put on a lot of weight, and now I am struggling to lose it! The circus with my dietitian is one for the century. I mean, she expects me to juggle tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and cabbage everyday  – every day!

I have been thrust into a position of power, leading an institute, and somehow, I am still very very alive. Following in my father’s foot steps is not as easy as I thought it was.

I’ve wanted to write this for a very long time- 22 days long, and like I always do, I ensure I close off the year on a high!

Here’s 20 10 things to do, and hopefully do well in 2020! I mean, it’s about that 2020 vision!

  1. Move it over! I have always been fascinated at how amazing God is and what He continues to do in my life! I feel like the moment I stop struggling and allow him to take over, He’s been amazing! I can’t begin to describe my 2019 journey and honestly, I have not struggled!
  2. Grow! I can’t still be doing the same things in 2020 I did in 2019, and hope for different results! Gosh, what am I if not a fool
  3. Drink water. Stay hydrated. Thank me later.
  4. Plan better. This year has been hectic. I need to plan better.
  5. Teach. The fastest way to learn is to teach!
  6. Live a little! Don’t go back home with a frown!
  7. Eat, and eat well. I’ve somehow grown to like cucumber and carrots!
  8. Passion! Nothing you do will be better if you don’t add passion to it.
  9. Dance. Life is all about dancing, dance a little.
  10. Pray! Unceasingly.

2020 promises to be a great year, and if you are reading this, may you have a great year.

Happy New Year



Resolutions 2020!

Too early?

I guess!

I’ve been pondering on a lot recently. There’s millions of thoughts that course through the mind that many times leave me boggled. Like how I am able to simultaneous type this out while thinking and composing this article at the same time. This is beyond physics, and is now into the realm of metaphysics. Sometimes these actions seem so simple and yet are very complex.

I think the thought behind the machinations of the mind is what makes it complex.

I had stopped writing down resolutions at the beginning of this year. Maybe it was mostly because I was held up doing other great things, or maybe simply because I’ve written down my resolutions since 2014/15 and have failed continually that I stopped writing them! But, that’s not the case.

Yesterday, while reading through some material, I landed on a document called RESOLUTIONS 2015! Just the file naming made it look serious. I opened it only to find resolutions I’d been writing down and modifying till the beginning of this year.

I laughed at how ridiculous some of these resolutions were. I even mused at what I was thinking about when I came up with them. None the less, further scheming made me realize that I’d achieved a great number of them albeit not in the timelines originally set. It got me reflecting on how powerful the mind and will can be if you put pen to paper.

One such resolution was to move our of home in 2015, and here I am in 2019, with 4 years experience in rent paying! Hahaha! The mere thought sounded ridiculous then and yet here I am wondering at how that could be a resolution. What your mind decides, it creates. I now understand why it’s important to shoot for the stars because when you are on the moon, you’d be much closer to your goals.

Sometimes we get caught up in the journey and process we forget that we are achieving our goals.

It’s like how successful or rich people somehow forget the struggle of the come up and are quick to shout things like sacrifice, hard work and determination were the keys. The forget the hope, patience and will needed to achieve these things.

So, after ticking many of the resolutions, I decided to add some, and make them as ridiculous and insurmountable as possible, such that in 2022, when I randomly look back and I am a billionaire, yes – a billionaire, I can gladly laugh and talk about the sacrifice, hard work and determination you need to become one, and skip through the hope, patience, faith and will.

To 2020 Resolutions.

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Usbahle – Mlindo the Vocalist

Marrakech, Morocco …2

This little ancient town has been good to me. I didn’t know my body needed this trip, my mind too. When I was checking into the airport, after a long fantastic week, it felt like I was leaving a part of me here.

The sun rising across the Atlas Mountains as the cab headed towards the airport was quite the dramatic reverie.

I’ve learnt to check in online, and as is the blessing, there was no WiFi today morning at the hotel! Imagine my surprise.


I get to the airport, get my ticket and head straight to the boarding area! Again, I’ve learnt that if you are not well versed with the place, it’s better to get there earlier. I’ve nearly missed flights before because hey…another story for another time.

Always travel light, literally

I wait at my boarding area trying to figure out the internet while hoping I can get a few messages in. Traveling light always helps you with movement through check ins. The Entebbe airport is sometimes misleading, with only two functioning gates, but where they are several and you have to cut across Kampala to board, moving light is an advantage. Imagine running across the airport with your luggage in tow because it’s the final boarding call? Imagine!

As the time to board ticks and they start making the call, I head towards the counter. When I get to the ticket counter, I am told my ticket has been changed. I look at the number 2F! When I was coming to Marrakech, I got the middle seat and that gets frustrating because you have no window view, and my plan this time was to get one – 11F. When I get on the plane and look for 2F, I quickly realize I am in the premium/business class! WOOT WOOT! I just got upgraded! Look at what Marrakech is doing for me!

I am seated in business class as I type this! This city has shown me love like no other. Traveling has a way of bringing us back home – home to where our dreams lie.

My memories are in the photos, the awesome conversations had at the conference, meeting new and exciting people, people passionate about their dreams. It’s in the conversations had at cafes, shopping done in Jamaa El Fna! It’s in people like Faboye, Fantaye, Tokie, Chilangwa and Alpha! It’s in realizing how small your home is compared to the dreams! Or how culture in Africa cuts across! It’s honestly not any different! The food and the dance!

You will eat more bread in Marrakech like you have never before! The pastry work is amazing! Sweets too.

Marrakech sees the sun rise at 7:30 am in the morning, and the town come to life at 10:00pm! It’s standing in particular corners to access WiFi! The Atlas Mountains in the back drop create a fantastic paint canvas. It’s in the multiple languages spoken, French, Arabic and broken English. The taxi rides you pay for according to how well spoken you are.

Everything is ‘I will give you good price!’

It’s in the ancient stone walls, the gateways, the landscapes! Oh, the landscapes! Is this really a dessert! The warm sun and cold evenings!

Ah, Marrakech!

Great stories surely have been written about the loves found in Marrakech and mine is just another one. A great story.

Ode to the FXK

There’s men
There’s men of great character
Then there’s FXK

There’s principles
There’s men with great principles
Then there’s FXK

There’s love
There’s great love
Then there’s FXK

There’s virtue
There’s great virtue
Then there’s FXK

Now with the stars
His light continues to shine
Even when we can only feel
His presence in the void
Of a darkness we hold
Of a great life time, past
Light years away
We still hold dear to us
Our great, Grandfather!


Francis Xavier Kanyeihamba!


About two weeks or so ago, I called my grandfather asking about the origins of my mother’s village while inputting data at the passport office. In a hurry, I asked how he was, and promised to call back.

About a week or so, I visited  a project in Bushenyi that I was supervising, and on my way I thought I should give him a call to see how he was doing. For reason unbeknownst, he’d been on my mind all week.

We’d always talked about writing a book about his great life. Like how he was arrested by the Obote 2 government! Like how he had gone to Oxford! Like how he’d worked for the government and much more. Unfortunately, in his old age, writing even though he was good at, he could do no more.

And last week, Thursday, 8:00pm, I got a message saying he’d passed on.

I have a heavy heart for things left unsaid. But I am proud, of the great man he was. I sometimes feel like my passion to write is because of him! I now know that the reason I love to write is because of him! He was a great journalist! Part of the reason he was arrested.

When he was being laid to rest, I was struck by the thought that I’d never see him again, let alone pick his mind on all things, things!

And what I take home from him, is to love, and to love unconditionally. He was a man all about love, for the things he did, for his family and those principles ingrained somewhere in my DNA are the reason I am proud of him!

A toast to the greatest grandfather I ever knew!


Francis Xavier!

6 Months!

Life has moved on so fast you’d think that nothing big happened at the beginning of the year. We have settled into a rhythm that you’d think everything is as it’s supposed to be. Well, a few days ago, we marked six months into our marriage. I’ve never been one to keep dates or even make them a big thing but when you wake up next to someone everyday, and it’s going to be like this for the rest of your life, why not count, right?

My friends the other day were complaining about how newly married couples are quick to dish out marriage advice like they are the masters of this game. I mused because there’s some truth to that, well, not on my part. It’s like how new mothers are quick to share their life changing experiences like they’ve done it more than once before, uhm!

I am not, and I hope I don’t become those people. I’ve decided to take on this journey like those spontaneous trips you take with a group of friends which I know always turn out to be the best trips of your life. I know this is going to be the best trip of my life! It had better be.

So a couple I know recently got married and were sharing tips on how to make a marriage work, saving tips for weddings, nooks for the honeymoon and so much yet I’ve either forgotten mine or perhaps that’s not an experience I am willing to go through again. Honestly, it would feel a lot like repeating a class or getting a retake. All I know is, as long as your partner – best friend and you are on the same page, the rest is just deliberations. And more deliberations.


Six months feels like the journey has just started. There’s been lot’s of experiences, some which catch you off guard like being told you snore or realizing your partner sleeps like a cute kitten while you splay your legs all over the bed like you are doing exercise. Or like your friends calling you fat because they believe your wife is feeding you well. Yes, jealous much? And no, I am not that fat but I look good. Or having someone pick out your clothes, and combing your hair because you can’t get your sideburns neat enough!

I am starting to sound like those people I hate! Aha!

What’s there to celebrate in six months? Well, I’ve finally accepted that there’s someone whose opinion matters more than mine does! Facts! Here’s a toast to the next 60 months, then 600 months! 6000 months? Well, let the story begin!